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David Matt GreenGreetings! My name is David Matt Green and I am an ex-newspaper reporter, editor and photographer, as well as a former high school Journalism, Yearbook and Photography teacher.

From 1985-96 I edited and published 15 issues of a somewhat eccentric little newsletter named HAROLD, comprised largely of material contributed by my rather eclectic friends and former students (who had become my friends too).

I bought my first computer from Apple in 1987, began modeming in late 1989, and joined America Online early in 1990. While on AOL I helped co-found their Writers Club Fiction Workshop, ran a private underground chat room for creative folks called The Writewood Inn, and organized the very first offline gathering of San Diego AOL members -- a picnic at Kate Sessions Park.

I longed for real Internet access, though, as back then AOL wasn't connected to the net, so in July of 1991 I started my own computer bulletin board system, known as The BBS served from then until late 1996 as an online partner to HAROLD. People who contributed to the newsletters or joined the BBS were called Haroldians, and we gathered from time to time for dinners at restaurants in San Diego, California, where many of us lived.

Pro-Harold BBS had only one phone line, but many of my friends nevertheless got their very first Internet e-mail addresses at my little system! I also created The Harold Network, or THN, an association of 25 or 30 Internet BBSs that subscribed to dozens of Usenet newsgroups which I originated and distributed from Pro-Harold, so tons and tons of information passed through that one line of ours over the years!

By the mid '90s, though, the World Wide Web was beginning to get famous. I quickly saw its potential, so in 1996 I closed down the BBS and jumped onto the exciting new WWW bandwagon with a page that eventually grew into!

I have aimed at making this web site a powerful new way for my pals and I to communicate, and I'm always working toward that goal. My latest effort along those lines is installing a new message forum system that runs much better than the forums we had here before. I envision my friends and I having many spirited discussions in our new message boards!

Please don't get the idea, however, that this page is only for people I already know, as I'm always looking for new friends and I obviously love to network with all sorts of people! Thus, whether you're an old friend or a new friend-to-be, I hope you enjoy! Thanks for visiting, and please come back again often!

David :>

P.S. -- In case you're wondering about our name, my AOL screen names back in 1990-91 were BDGlory, Shy Cloud and Thom Paine. The name Shy Cloud has been with me for even longer than that, though, as it originally was given to me by a Den Mother for an Indian Day, way back when I was a very bashful young Cub Scout! She named me "Shy Cloud, Chief of the Arapahos."

DMG's Biographical Notes | DMG's List of Credits | DMG's Freelance Rates

Thanks for visiting! Please come back soon!

This site made its World Wide Web debut on December 29, 1996.
Page updated Sunday, March 14, 2004

Photo of David Matt Green by Marisa Cullen.

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