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DMG's Biographical Notes v. 3.3
David Matt Green's Resume --> Timeline --> Bio Notes...

This page used to be David Matt Green's Resume. I never really liked calling it that, though, because it actually wasn't so much a resume as it was a long list of my career credits. To make matters worse, as I kept adding information to whatever it was, I eventually found myself wanting to include some of my unfinished projects and miserable failures in addition to all of my glorious triumphs. At that point I decided it wasn't meant to be either a resume or a list of credits, so I renamed the page David Matt Green's Timeline. That worked great for about a day, but as soon as I was freed from the constraints of it being a resume, I found myself adding a lot of names and events to what I was writing, so I renamed it again to DMG's Biographical Notes.

I'm still not certain exactly what this is going to become, but I had been thinking about doing more writing again, so maybe writing this page is helping me find some things I want to write or not write. I think the writeable parts of it will grow and the probably-better-left-forgotten parts will shrink. Maybe all of my life is a book worth writing... Or maybe I'll just pull one or two of my experiences out of it all to become articles, books or films... Or maybe I'll only end up with a dozen or so pages of notes I can use to help me remember where I've been, once my occasional absent-minded professorness kicks in full time...

On the other hand, maybe my Twin Soul will see this and recognize me, then pick up the phone and call. That would be pretty cool. I'm more than ready to be recognized by SOMEBODY!!!

If you are someone who has ever played a significant role in my life, there is a very good chance you will find yourself mentioned somewhere in these notes -- if not you personally, at least a moment or two in time where our paths crossed.

David :>

P.S. -- When this began as a resume, I tried to avoid words like I, my, a, an, the... Now that it has shape-shifted into Biographical Notes, I've begun to allow more pronouns and articles into the mix. The makeover isn't yet complete, however, so some of the rooms have very little furniture, while others are better furnished. Watch for a new and improved v. 4.0, coming in the not too distant future.

David Matt Green's Biographical Notes v. 3.3
(Resume was v. 1.0; Timeline was v. 2.0; first Biographical Notes was v. 3.0)

December 24, 1948 to December 31, 1959

  • Living in Culver City, California [1948 to 1950] -- Born David Charles Green on December 24, 1948, in Long Beach Naval Hospital, to 29-year-old Helen Lenora (Rummelhart) Green, formerly of Riverside, Iowa, and 32-year-old Madison Junior "Bud" Green, of the U.S. Navy and formerly Lone Tree, Iowa -- Lived in house at 3900 Globe Avenue in Culver City -- Baptized at St. Augustine Catholic Church in Culver City, across the street from MGM Studios
  • Living in W. Los Angeles, California [1950] -- Family bought house at 1760 S. Carmelina in W. Los Angeles
  • Living in San Diego, California [1950 to 1951] -- Dad was transferred south to San Diego -- Lived briefly in half of duplex on Orange Avenue near Sacred Heart Catholic Church in City Heights (1950) -- Moved to front half of duplex on Kettner Boulevard near Old Town owned by family friends Lucy & Henry Komos (1950-51)
  • Seeing USA by auto visiting Green and Rummelhart kin [1950; 1952; 1958 to 1960; 1962] -- Grew up riding shotgun and serving as map reader, navigator and assistant photographer on family vacation trips to see Dad's Green kin in Iowa, or Mom's Rummelhart kin, many of whom had left Iowa and moved south to Texas -- In 1950, drove from San Diego, California, to McAllen, Texas; back to San Diego -- In 1952, drove from Norfolk, Virginia, to Lone Tree, Iowa; to Chicago, Illinois; back to Norfolk -- In 1958, drove from San Diego to McAllen and San Antonio, Texas; to Lone Tree, Iowa; to Rock Island, Illinois; to Denver and Boulder, Colorado; back to San Diego -- In 1959, drove from San Diego to West Liberty and Des Moines, Iowa; to Rock Island, Illinois; back to San Diego -- In 1960, drove from San Diego to McAllen and San Antonio, Texas; back to San Diego -- In 1962, drove from San Diego to West Liberty, Iowa; to Rock Island and Chicago, Illinois; back to San Diego
  • Living in Norfolk, Virginia [1951 to 1954] -- After another transfer for Dad, Mom and I flew from San Diego all the way across the USA to Norfolk, Virginia, on a Capital Airlines DC-10 -- Lived briefly in Navy housing near Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base (1950) -- Lived in top half of duplex near base (1950-53) -- Moved to bottom half of same duplex (1953-54) -- At some point, I built a small fort for myself between the garage and a fence
  • Becoming an older brother [1953] -- My younger sister, Diane Helen Green, was born December 9, 1953, in Norfolk, Virginia
  • Living in San Diego, California [1955 to 1965] -- Mom, Diane & I moved back to San Diego from Norfolk by train after Dad's final Navy transfer -- We lived briefly in the rear half of our previous duplex on Kettner Boulevard owned by friends Lucy & Henry Komos -- Our family then bought 3-bedroom house at 3152 Monroe Avenue in Normal Heights (1955) -- We eventually also bought a 1-bedroom house next door at 3162 Monroe Avenue, which we rented out -- One of the tenants there was young Devious Jay and his parents -- When I was 9 or 10, I built a 5' tall 8' x 8' clubhouse in our backyard out of dozens of peach crates I had dragged home 2 blocks from George's Market
  • St. Didacus Elementary School [1955 to 1963] -- Student -- Missed last month of 2nd Grade due to Scarlet Fever (1957) -- Cub Scouts (1957-60) -- Took trumpet lessons from Merle Coady (1958) -- Safety Patrol (1959-60) -- Dismissal bell ringer (1962-63) -- Co-Master of Ceremonies for 1963 school talent show; also played electric guitar in 3-piece band, with Greg Wiedower on sax and Chris Gloor on snare drum -- Played electric guitar in 7-piece band for 1963 parents night -- Science project advanced to 1963 Catholic Schools Science Fair -- Baseball team member (1963)
  • Visiting Oakland, California [1956] -- While Dad was on a temporary assignment for 30 days, family stayed with him in a Quonset hut at Oakland Naval Supply Depot
  • Seeing my name in print for the first time [1958] -- The first time I ever saw my name in print was in the Winter '58 issue of the Mighty Mouse Fun Club Magazine, in the Fun Club News listing of new members -- The article reminded all loyal readers that "Mighty Mouse is always ready to lend a helping hand and so should all the members of his Fun Club" -- By the way, in those days I also was a big admirer of Crusader Rabbit, so fighting evil and helping people apparently were heavy on my 10-year-old mind

January 1, 1960 to December 31, 1969

  • David Yantis Music Studio [1961 to 1962] -- Studied electric guitar -- Played at 1961 Del Mar Fair with David Yantis Electric Guitar Band
  • "Bon Voyage" [1962] -- Shot and edited 11-minute 8mm film of family's annual cross-country automobile trip
  • St. Augustine High School [1963 to 1967] -- Student -- Won half-year scholarship for freshman year -- Bowling Club member (1963-67) -- Captain of Bowling Club's 2nd Place team, The Bonks (1966) -- Manager, trainer and statistician for basketball, baseball and football teams (1964-67) -- Made two flights in school's single-engine Cessna with Physics teacher and future missionary pilot Fr. Richard Smith (1966-67) -- Statistical Consultant and sports reporter for The Augustinian newspaper (1966-67) -- Won 1966-67 "Newspaper Reporter of the Year" award
  • Living in San Diego, California [1965 to 1972] -- After 10 years on Monroe Avenue, our 2 houses there were declared to be in the rapidly approaching path of the huge new 805 freeway -- Forced to sell out and relocate in 1965, we bought a 3-bedroom house in Allied Gardens (1965-72)
  • Camp Mateguay [1967] -- Temporary adult supervisor for a Boy Scout troop
  • San Diego Mesa College [1967 to 1970] -- Student -- Newman Club member (1967-70) -- Newman Club President (Fall 1968) -- Won November 1968 "Club of the Month" award during presidency -- Daily Olympian newspaper reporter and photographer (1967-68)
  • Running in car rallies [1967 to 1970] -- Finished last as Driver in Mesa Car Club Fun Run #2 Rally (12-2-67; Navigators: Marvin Williams, Cheryl Meyer & Linda Meyer) -- Won trophy for 4th Place as Navigator in Mesa Car Club Fun Run #3 Rally (1-6-68; Driver: Marvin Williams) -- Finished 4th as Navigator in St. Augustine High School Rally (2-22-68; Driver: Marvin Williams) -- Finished 6th as Navigator in Mesa Car Club Lost & Found Rallye (3-16-68; Driver: Marvin Williams) -- Won trophy for 5th Place as Driver in Mesa Car Club Faith I Rally (5-5-68; Navigator: Bob Vazquez) -- Finished out of the running as Navigator in San Diego MG Club Friday Nighter Rally (5-15-70; Driver: Steve Kryzwicki) -- Finished out of the running as Driver in Diana Ghetto Saturday Nighter Benefit Rallye (6-13-70; Navigator: Marci Shipp)
  • Thanks to the wonderful women of Clairemont [1968 to PRESENT] -- As a bashful guy from an all-boys high school who walked around wearing sunglasses indoors so I could hide from people, I hadn't spent much time up close and personal with girls until I got to Mesa College -- Then in 1968 I met a bunch of women there who had just graduated from Clairemont High School -- Finding me cute, they adopted me and convinced me to stop wearing my shades indoors, and generally showed me how nice it could be to receive female attention -- Their names were Elaine Bast, Mary Brotherton, Jeanette Cormier, Billie Jo Daharsh, Julie Ginze, Cathy Gossett, Shari Pfister & Marci Shipp, and they also had a friend at SDSU named Bonnie Allan who was part of the mix, as was Elaine's younger sisters Anne & Charlene Bast -- Even with their help, I still moved mighty slowly, but one of them hugged me all the time and helped me learn about affection, another gave me my first kiss, and another eventually was a very gentle and understanding first lover for me -- Years later, I met 2 newer Clairemont alums who also would become important friends, Vickie Briggs and Deborah Doane -- I'm still in touch with Vickie Jenkins (her name now), so my Clairemont connection continues to this day, and my appreciation for the Clairemont women who've touched my life so warmly will continue forever
  • The Great Greenini's Surprise Birthday Party [1969] -- Rick Turnbull and his twin brother Steve used my admiration for the Great Houdini's escape artist abilities to get me tied up and placed inside a large bag -- Then they dragged me to a surprise birthday party at Shari Pfister's house -- I did, however, get untied before they carried me into the party

January 1, 1970 to December 31, 1979

  • San Diego State University [1970 to 1972 -- Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism] -- Student -- Daily Aztec newspaper sports and news reporter, Copy Editor, proofreader, Classified Advertising Manager (1970-72) -- Won California Intercollegiate Press Association's Gold Press Card 2nd Place award for "Best 1971 News Story" -- Projection magazine staff writer (1971-72) -- Member of Sigma Delta Chi Professional Journalism Society (1970-72) -- Statistician for Aztecs football games at San Diego Stadium (1971) -- General manager, captain and player for Himan's Deli intramural football, basketball and softball teams (1970-72)
  • Greene-Haizlip Pharmacy [1970] -- Stocking shelves and general cleaning
  • Sanders Floor Waxing (Hugh Sanders) [1970] -- Waxed floors in retail establishments
  • San Diego Sports Arena [1970] -- Post-game cleanup crew
  • Cycle News newspaper [1970] -- San Diego racing correspondent
  • Carpet Barn [1971] -- Moved carpets around showroom
  • Allied Gardens American Little League [1971] -- Coach for Minor "A" Orioles team
  • San Carlos Recreation Center summer basketball league [1971 to 1972] -- General manager, captain and player for Charlie Brown's All Stars -- Won 1971 league championship -- Finished 2nd in 1971 Allied Gardens/San Carlos championship
  • Living in San Diego, California [1972 to 1978] -- Got first 2-bedroom apartment with Jim Harmon on Bates Street in East San Diego (1972) -- Moved to nicer 2-bedroom apartment with Gus Basdakis at Oakwood Gardens on Ingraham Street in Pacific Beach (1972) -- Lived alone in top half of 1-bedroom duplex on Columbia Street overlooking Lindbergh Field and San Diego Bay (1973) -- Returned to house in Allied Gardens (1973-78)
  • Sta-Power Industries, Inc. [1972] -- I was introduced to this network marketing system by Frank Kloberdanz during final college semester -- In the months ahead I received many hours of powerful sales and motivational training -- I advanced from Organizer to Master Distributor to General Distributor -- Some of the people who joined my organization included Roger Ordona, Tony O'Donnell, Steve Krzywicki, Tom Kunde, Don Bolton, and the team of Paul Pacior & Mark Oliver, who replaced me as a Master Distributorship in Frank Kloberdanz's organization when I moved up to General Distributor
  • Action Industries, Inc. [1972 to 1973] -- In November of 1972, Jim Leeper recruited me away from Sta-Power Industries to become a Factory Representative in a new network marketing system spun off from Sta-Power by its former president H K White
  • The Amazing Action Across America Road Trip [1973] -- Made a 2-week cross-country auto trip in February 1973 with Dave Van Der Griend, unsuccessfully seeking investors or recruits for Action Industries -- Co-drove a borrowed car from San Diego through lots of miserable February snow and sleet to see Dave's relatives in Grand Rapids, Michigan -- Made drive there in only 38 hours and 45 minutes -- Took snowy side trips to Battle Creek and Cadillac, Michigan, where we rode a snowmobile across a frozen lake -- Drove from Grand Rapids to the much warmer McAllen, Texas, for surprise visits with Rupert C. Rummelhart (grandfather), Marie (Rummelhart) Bauer (aunt), Mark & Donna Rummelhart (uncle & aunt), Melvin Rummelhart (uncle) and Paula Rummelhart (cousin) -- Went to Reynosa, Mexico, with Paula, her finance Charles Bard, and their fellow-teacher friend Theresa Clay, who kissed with me in the soft Mexican moonlight -- We also visited South Padre Island, Texas, where we rode a motorcycle on the beach beside the Gulf of Mexico -- Raced from McAllen back to San Diego in only 23 hours and 45 minutes -- The drive shaft fell off our car about two miles before we reached home
  • D Green and Associates [1973 to PRESENT] -- Writing -- Editing -- Action and candid photography -- Publicity campaign assistance -- Internet communications and World Wide Web consultation -- Macintosh consultation -- Manager of DGA-Link e-mail list -- Editor of DGA News e-newsletter
  • Encyclopedia of Formula 1 Racing [1973 to 1977] -- Writer of unfinished record book covering the Formula 1 World Championship of auto racing from 1950-77
  • Prisoners of Peace (Dick Shepp) [1973] -- Writing and design of an unfulfilled national publicity campaign and cross-country speaking tour aimed at securing amnesty for former Vietnam War draft resisters -- Jim Leeper was to be our speaker and Steve Kryzwicki was to drive our RV
  • Valley Grove News newspaper (Bob Melton) [1973] -- Sports reporter
  • Formula 1, Can-Am, IROC, Trans-Am auto racing [1973 to 1978; 2000] -- Photography at five Formula 1 races (1974 Mosport, 1974 Watkins Glen, 1976-78 Long Beach), one Can-Am (1973 Riverside), one International Race Of Champions (1973 Riverside), one Trans-Am (2000 San Diego)
  • Life-News newspaper (Mary Sue Webb & Bob Melton) [1974] -- News and features reporter and photographer
  • Becoming a professional photographer [1974 to 1995] -- Used numerous inexpensive family cameras growing up -- Needed quality 35mm camera for work at Life-News -- Bought new Pentax Spotmatic IIa -- Would serve me well for 21 years and through thousands of rolls of film, before quietly expiring from terminal shutter failure in 1995
  • The National Tattler newspaper [1974] -- Special correspondent
  • American Legion high school summer baseball league [1974] -- Action photography of players during games -- Sold photos to players and parents at subsequent games
  • Covenant Ark Theatre (Tom Rusch) [1974 to 1980] -- Photography for "The Music Man," "Oliver," "Camelot," "Fiddler on the Roof," "Hello Dolly," "The Fantasticks," "My Fair Lady," "A Christmas Carol," "Bye Bye Birdie," "Man of La Mancha" and the Covenant Ark Singers -- Publicity for "Fiddler on the Roof" -- Casting assistantance for "Hello Dolly" and "My Fair Lady" -- Set construction for "Fiddler on the Roof"
  • Visiting 48 states and 6 Canadian provinces [1974 to 1977] -- In 1974, I made a solo 30-day Greyhound Bus Ameripass trip through 26 states, the District of Columbia, & 1 province -- In 1975, I spent 30-days riding and assisting on a transcontinental moving van, leaving it in Houston, Texas, to start a second solo 30-day Greyhound Bus Ameripass trip; over the combined 60 days, I visited 46 states (missing only Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan & New Mexico), the D of C, & 2 provinces -- In May of 1976, the USA's Bi-Centennial year, I made a third solo 30-day Greyhound Bus Ameripass trip through 34 states, the D of C, and 4 provinces -- In 1977, I made my fourth solo 30-day Greyhound Bus Ameripass trip through 22 states and the D of C
  • "Bekins Men Are Careful, Quick & Kind..." [1975] -- Served as hired muscle for my cousin Bernie Descoteau on a Bekins Moving & Storage transcontinental 18-wheeler hauling furniture back and forth across America -- Leaving from San Diego, we headed north to Los Angeles, then east to Phoenix, north again to Salt Lake City, and east again through Denver to Iowa City -- Continuing our "every night a new city" theme, we loaded, unloaded and reloaded our truck over and over again in Nashville, Spartanburg, St. Petersburg, Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale -- We followed about 1 day behind Hurricane Eloise as we left Boca Raton and headed back north through Panama City, then on up to Birmingham -- We went west from there through Jackson to Oklahoma City, then south to Houston -- I ended my Bekins career there, buying a 30-day Greyhound Bus Ameripass and using it to head further south to visit my Rummelhart kinfolk in Corpus Christi and McAllen, Texas
  • Finding my first real love [1976 to 77] -- My first real relationship was with Tammie Jackson, who was the first woman who seemed to love me at the same time I loved her -- We met in 1976 while we both were involved with a production of "Camelot," then didn't see each other again until a year later during a production of "Fiddler on the Roof" -- We began dating then and quickly fell in love
  • "Around the Next Corner" [1977] -- Writer of an unpublished children's story about two youngsters named Milo and Eliza
  • Chuck Martinez Productions [1977 to 1980] -- Photography for "Godspell," The Make-Up Book, a breakneck 2-day tour of 19 Southern California Sears Halloween Shops, and posters distributed to hundreds of Sears Halloween Shops
  • Southern Cross newspaper (Michael Newman & James Bastis) [1977 to 1980] -- Assistant Editor, Design Editor, Copy Editor, proofreader, news and features reporter, photographer, darkroom technician, theatre critic, some pasteup and typesetting -- Copy editor and cover photography for San Diego Catholic Directory -- Reporter and photographer at a 1978 PSA plane crash near St. Augustine High School in North Park that killed 150 people, causing my high school gymnasium to become a temporary morgue, with me on the scene -- A week later the left side of my face froze solid with Bell's Palsy, and stayed frozen for almost 2 weeks
  • PMA Success Unlimited West Coast Rally [1978] -- Attended a 1-day event featuring W. Clement Stone, Norman Vincent Peale, Arthur Holst, Don Hutson, Dottie Walters, Paul Harvey, Zig Ziglar and Robert Schuller -- Shared sandwiches backstage with W. Clement Stone
  • Whirlwind marriage with Jo Ann B. [1978] -- We met on March 9 -- Married on March 25 in John Castellanos' front yard near top of Mount Helix -- Separated on May 29 -- Received an annulment on June 23
  • Living in San Diego, California [1978 to 1980] -- Moved into Jo Ann Green's 2-bedroom condo on Camino Kiosco in University City (1978) -- Lived alone in 1-bedroom apartment at 4528 56th Street #1, across from Blessed Sacrament Elementary School (1978-80)
  • Becoming DMG [1978] -- Never truly fond of Charles as my middle name, I began using David Matt Green as my professional name, debuting it first in The Make-Up Book, then with an article about the PSA plane crash that went out September 26, 1978, over National Catholic News Service's wire, and again in Southern Cross on October 5, 1978, with 2 articles about the crash and 7 photos
  • National Catholic News Service [1978 to 1979] -- Special correspondent
  • Religious News Service [1978 to 1979] -- Special correspondent
  • Nikon School of Photography [1978] -- Attended 2 days of photography classes
  • San Diego State University Alumni Association intramural basketball league [1979 to 1980] -- General manager, captain and player for Charlie Brown's All Stars
  • The woman who loved me longest [1979 to 1984] -- I met Yvette Pourciau at a party at Judy Harper's house in May of 1979 -- We began dating right away, and dated each other on and off for more than 4 1/2 years -- Yvette loved me longer than any woman ever has, but I never felt I was right for her, so I kept telling her she should find someone better -- Eventually she stopped hoping to change my mind and agreed with me, then she found someone who was much more like her than I was

January 1, 1980 to December 31, 1989

  • Living in San Diego, California [1980 to PRESENT] -- Convinced in 1980 by Devious Jay to share a 2-bedroom apartment with he and Susan Reed at 6595 Friars Road #203, in Mission Valley's The Bluffs II -- Once they no longer needed my rent help several months later, asked me to move -- Returned to house in Allied Gardens (1980 to PRESENT)
  • Academy of Our Lady of Peace & St. Augustine High School [1980 to 1984; 1986] -- Faculty Adviser for The Oracle newspaper (1980 to 1984; 1986) -- Pasteup for The Oracle (1980-84; 1986) -- The Oracle won 1980-81 and 1983-84 "International First Place" awards from Quill and Scroll International Honor Society for High School Journalists -- Won 1984 "Best Newspaper" 3rd Place and "Newspaper Sweepstakes" 3rd Place awards at San Diego County Journalism Education Association Writeoffs -- Won 1986 "Newspaper Sweepstakes" 2nd Place award at SDCJEA Writeoffs -- Won 1986 "Newspaper Sweepstakes" 4th Place award at Southern California Journalism Writeoffs -- Faculty Adviser for Villa Montemar yearbook (1981-82; 1983-84) -- Worked closely with and was mentored by world-known award-winning portrait photographer Victor Avila -- Villa Montemar won 1982 "Best Yearbook" 3rd Place award at SDCJEA Writeoffs -- Won 1984 "Best Yearbook" 1st Place and "Yearbook Sweepstakes" 2nd Place awards at SDCJEA Writeoffs -- Faculty Adviser for etc. magazine (1982-83) -- Taught 1983 Midsession class on Magazine Production -- Design and pasteup for 1980 "Fall Fling" program
  • Qualitype Graphics (Bob Elledge, Drew Robinson & Frank Scherer) [1980 to 1981; 1982 to 1983] -- Layout, pasteup and proofreading
  • San Diego Gilbert and Sullivan Repertory Company [1981] -- Photography at dress rehearsals of "Ruddigore" and "H.M.S. Pinafore," featuring Yvette Pourciau
  • Santa Barbara Yearbook Conference [1981] -- Attended 6 days of classes and activities for yearbook advisers and staff members
  • DPR/Giants Journal/Pegasus Graphics (Joe Ditler, Ben Press & Drew Robinson) [1981 to 1982] -- Layout, pasteup and proofreading -- Photography at a 1982 Giants-Dodgers game in Dodger Stadium
  • Finding and losing the love of my life, so far... [1982 to 1984] -- I had an intensely intelligent and creative relationship with a woman for several years -- In 1984 it turned into a love affair -- I loved her more than I had ever loved anyone else in my life and I wanted to stay with forever -- Together we accomplished a lot of creative things, and we were making plans to write films together in the future -- The relationship ended painfully and somewhat tragically, however, with me never really getting any much-needed closure -- Afterward I felt dead inside for more than a year -- It was probably the major turning point of my life, as some parts of me never really have returned to life, at least not so far...
  • A photo darkroom develops, then morphs into a computer office [1982 to 1988] -- With some help from my Dad, in October 1982 I built a 13' x 7' light-tight room in the garage of the Allied Gardens house, intending for it to eventually serve as a photography darkroom -- Once Dad and I had the walls and ceiling finished, I painted the ceiling and stained its beams, then Yvette Pourciau helped me hang wallpaper -- I placed an old love seat in one end of room, and lots of boxes in the other end -- From 1983-88 I slowly built, installed and painted an entire wall of shelves, as well as a wall of cabinets (complete with a secret hidden compartment) -- Lots of both work and play took place in the room amidst the slow construction -- Patty Deyling, Kim Shea, Laurie Howe and several others worked there on both the '84 Villa Montemar and The Oracle -- I had a phone line installed in 1985, and Rainer Thornhill gave me an old TV early in 1986, which I placed in the room along with a VCR, turning the room into Cinema Harold -- Lots of people visited to watch films back then, or just to visit, including Annette Kiewietdejonge, Melissa Ramos, Alexa Rutherford, Lorena Sosa, Stacey Green, Antoinette Polak, Linda Hamel, Lisa Vasquez, Kathryn White, Chris Putnam, Cathy, Joe & Peter Bernens, Guy Sawyer, Debbie Doane, Amy Stirnkorb, Abi Goss, Kathy Deyling, Cathy Taijeron, Mike Rosenthal, Rainer Thornhill and Devious Jay -- I also acquired a used enlarger from Abi Goss' brother-in-law around that same time, so I brought in an old table to hold developing trays, then I built another tall table and attached the enlarger to it -- I actually began printing black and white photos in the room, and I made quite a few prints there -- Eventually I moved a stereo into the room, and I replaced the old love seat with a futon, got a better TV and had cable installed -- Then in 1987 I bought my first computer, and needing a place to put it, I decided to make the room into more of an office -- I built a stronger table to replace the one that had held trays, then I set up my new computer on the new table -- I never again used the enlarger and darkroom after 1987, but several computers have moved in and out of the office over the years, and a Power Macintosh 7600/132 still hums happily there
  • San Diego County Journalism Education Association [1983-84] -- Vice President
  • San Diego Catholic School Alums [1984 to PRESENT] -- Founder and Director of group devoted to promoting the connections between people who went to any and all local Catholic schools -- Webmaster of -- Editor of SDCSA News e-newsletter
  • Helping me stay alive [1984 to 1986] -- For the next year or so after I lost the love of my life, a lot of my friends looked out for me and did what they could to try to help me get over my broken heart -- Melissa Ramos was there for me more than anyone during that time, and truly shared her passion for life with me, which kept me from losing interest in the world -- Laurie Howe, Margaret Hollahan, Debbie Doane, Chris Putnam and Cathy Bernens also played major roles in my life during that time
  • Pacific-Sierra Lighting/Hamel's (Mark Scott) [1984] -- Photography for Mission Beach Midnight Surfing Championships
  • "The Tijuana Walking Club's Guide To A Taco You Can Bet Your Burro On" [1985] -- Co-writer with Devious Jay of an unpublished article -- It did receive 70th place for "Best Article" in the 1985 Writer's Digest Writing Competition
  • Becoming Uncle David [1985] -- My sister Diane & Pyro Vallas had a daughter, Lacey Helen Dorothy Vallas, on July 8, 1985
  • St. Augustine High School Alumni Association [1985 to 1986; 1993] -- Assisted Fr. Anthony Wasko in Development Office (1985-86) -- Design and production of Saintsmen alumni newsletters -- Writing and design for 1986 Alumni Directory -- Design and production of brochures and fliers -- Photography -- Assisted Tom Graciano with 1993 Parochial Schools Basketball Tournament -- Assisted Nick Thomson with 1993 Catholic Alums Sock Hop
  • The day I rolled over and didn't die [1985] -- The front end of my van suddenly shook violently as I was starting down the Waring Road hill south of Orcutt Avenue at about 10 a.m. on Dad's birthday, October 28, 1985 -- Next thing I knew I had lost control of the van, and it had spun around and was heading backwards down the hill -- Then the left wheels slammed up against the curb, causing the van to roll over onto its side -- Luckily, I crawled up and out through the right-hand window with just a tiny little scratch on one arm -- A tow truck came and helped pull the van back onto its wheels, then Dad arrived and helped me get it home
  • "Legend" [1985 to 1986] -- Co-writer in 1985 with Devious Jay of an unfinished screenplay -- Script had Wyatt Earp mixed up in a real 1880s San Diego banking scandal -- After my original partner abandoned the project, I did some additional work on the script in 1986 with Deborah Doane
  • HAROLD newsletter [1985 to 1996] -- Writer, photographer, editor and publisher
  • First HAROLD warms up an old friendship [1986] -- After receiving the first issue of HAROLD, an old friend called to thank me for sending her the letter, and for getting back in touch with her, as we had known each other for about 18 years, but hadn't spoken in quite some time -- We ended up talking on the phone one Friday evening for 7 and 1/2 hours, then she invited me over for a visit Saturday afternoon, and I didn't end up leaving until late Sunday! -- It was a magical and very romantic weekend with a very dear old friend
  • The night Mr. Cha ran into me and did die [1986] -- I was headed to St. Augustine High School at dusk (5:45 p.m.) on Friday, January 31, 1986, to attend a basketball game -- While making a 5-mph left-hand turn onto University Avenue from Boundary Street after waiting there at the light for it to change, I felt a thump against the left side of my van and immediately hit my brakes and stopped -- When I got out of the van an old Asian man in a dark-colored running suit and tennis shoes was laying unconscious on the street -- I remember thinking he looked like Pat Morita from "The Karate Kid" -- One witness reported she saw the man, a 71-year-old named Cha, run into the street against the light at a place where there were chains and signs on the corner specifically saying "No Crosswalk" -- Mr. Cha was taken away in an ambulance with a skull fracture, and passed away March 1, 1986, at Mercy Hospital -- No charges were brought against me, because the police concluded the only thing I had done wrong was to not see the darkly clad Mr. Cha in the very dim light of dusk
  • Flying kites with a damaged golden girl [1986] -- I knew a very intelligent, talented and beautiful woman who had a nervous breakdown in the summer of 1986 -- For about a month I was pretty much the only person she was willing to see, so I drove her everywhere and spent 12-15 hours a day with her while she battled her anxieties -- One of the things we had the most fun doing during that month was flying kites at Kate Sessions Park, high above Mission Bay -- She was the most amazing woman I ever had the good fortune to spend so much time with, a true golden girl if ever there was one -- As soon as she was better, though, she flew away and left me
  • The night I saved Dad's life [1987] -- Early in 1987 I found Dad in his room doubled over with intense pain -- Ever the tough old sailor, Dad told me to just let him rest and he would be better -- I said, "No, I'm calling an ambulance" -- Later, in Alvarado Hospital's Emergency Room, we learned Dad had a perforated ulcer and likely would have died if I'd waited even 30 minutes to call 911 -- Unfortunately, while Dad was in the hospital we also learned that his heart and lungs were in pretty bad shape, and that he had at best 2 years to live
  • Joining the computer and Internet age [1987 to 1996] -- I bought my first computer in 1987, a new Apple IIgs -- After being pestered to get online by a neighbor and future fellow Apple IIgs user named Mike Rosenthal, I borrowed a 1200-baud modem from Duane Chevalier in 1989, then joined the Internet world with some able assistance from Duane and Mike -- About two years later I bought a second used Apple IIgs from Bill Vasquez, which became Pro-Harold BBS from 1991-96
  • Dad catches his last fish [1987] -- On November 20, 1987, after catching a 5-pound catfish at Hollins Lake in Santee, California, my 71-year-old father, Madison Junior "Bud" Green, died of his 2nd heart attack (the first had been in 1963) -- Not quite a week earlier he had won about $4,000 in the lottery -- At a memorial mass for Dad, Deacon Bill Vasquez read a eulogy written by me -- Later in the day a Navy color guard fired off a 21-gun salute over Dad during his burial ceremonies at Holy Cross Cemetary
  • The Devil Woman and Devious Jay [1988] -- For much of the late '80s I was involved in an on-again off-again on-again love-hate relationship with a woman I eventually began to call the Devil Woman -- I had considered my old boyhood neighbor Devious Jay as my best friend for several years then, while hearing him tell tales of cheating on first his wife, then on the girlfriends who succeeded her, then with a wife or two of his friends, so I wasn't really very surprised when the Devil Woman confessed to spending a night in his bed -- When Devious Jay had a chance to tell me the truth about it, he didn't, so the friendship between us ended that day -- We never spoke again
  • The Harold Network: An International Alliance For Creative Communication [1988 to 1996] -- Founder and Director -- Named a Harold Board of Directors in December 1989, which included: Victor Avila, Jerry Baron-Gontang, James Bastis, Duane Chevalier, Clair Cunningham, David Matt Green, Karen Johnson, Linda Matway, Guy Sawyer, Marc Skora, Bill Vasquez and Linda Whealton -- We held our one and only HBOD meeting on February 5, 1990, featuring delicious hot hors d'oeuvres prepared by Karen Johnson -- The meeting was attended by an Eclectic Eleven, including 6 of those who had agreed to serve on the HBOD (James Bastis, Duane Chevalier, Clair Cunningham, David Matt Green, Karen Johnson and Bill Vasquez), plus five other guests (Mike Rosenthal, Diane Vallas, Chris Vasquez, Lisa Vasquez and Stella Vasquez) -- It featured a presentation about the possibilities of the Internet, which most of those in attendance there in 1990 weren't ready to understand, and probably didn't try to understand for another six or seven more years -- We were too far ahead of our time to be understood
  • READ/San Diego literacy program (Chris McFadden & Christy Kochen) [1989] -- Design and production for Cover To Cover newsletter -- Design and production for brochures and fliers
  • San Diego Symphony (James Bastis) [1989 to 1990] -- Newsletter and research consultation -- Luncheon photography

January 1, 1990 to December 31, 1999

  • America Online [1990 to 1992; 1997] -- I joined AOL early in 1990, when it had only about 50,000 members, all using Apple Macintosh or Apple II computers -- Using the screen name BDGlory, I co-founded with Tracey Bissell and others the Writers Club Fiction Workshop in 1990 -- As Thom Paine, I founded and hosted The Writewood Inn, a private "speakeasy" for creative types (1990-91) -- As Shy Cloud, I made about a dozen intelligent friends who formed an AOL Cloud tribe in my honor, all taking Cloud screen names too, including LightCloud, BriteCloud, Song Cloud and Zen Cloud (1990-92) -- I visited Disneyland in 1990 with Karen Cass and several other AOL members, then stayed 2 nights at Madame Tiggy's Hotel -- In October 1990, I co-organized with Judah Kelley the first-ever San Diego AOL members event, a picnic at Kate Sessions Park -- I attended the 1990 3-day AppleFest & Macintosh LA Expo in Long Beach, California, getting to meet dozens of AOL members, both there and at 2 or 3 parties at Madame Tiggy's -- In 1997, I attended a few Digital City-San Diego events
  • St. Vincent de Paul Village (Fr. Joe Carroll) [1990 to 1991] -- Photography for Village News newspaper and at events including Thanksgiving dinners for the homeless and the "Christmas in July" telethon
  • Cal Poly Pomona horse show [1990] -- I photographed the school's Christmas show for a friend who was riding in it, OLP alum Mary Pathman -- I also unknowingly photographed another OLP alum, who I wouldn't actually meet until years later, Anne Lorkowski
  • Ad/Mark South (Rhonda Cook) [1991] -- I wrote copy for a Begley Drug Store news release and a Begley advertising flier
  • BBS [1991 to 1996] -- System Operator for ProLine Network Internet bulletin board system -- Created and managed dozens of Usenet newsgroups -- Also created and managed The Harold Network (THN), a distribution network of about 30 independent Internet BBSs
  • Becoming a videomaker [1992 to PRESENT] -- Grew up using family's 8mm movie camera -- Borrowed VHS video camcorder in 1992 to tape class reunion -- Purchased used VHS camcorder in 1993 -- Bought new Sony CCD-TRV70 Hi8 video Handycam in 1995 and began videotaping anything and everything that moved, amassing more than 110 hours of taped material by 2002
  • Shy Cloud Productions [1992 to PRESENT] -- Video camerawork, editing and production
  • Petro's Place/Dream Burgers restaurants (Petros Frangos) [1992 to 1995] -- Photography and Internet publicity assistance
  • An important new friendship blooms [1992 to PRESENT] -- I met Marisa Cullen on April 10, 1992, while she was making bouquets at Fresh Cut Flowers on Waring Road -- Over the years we have developed a friendship that has become very important to both of us -- Marisa and I take care of each other and are always there for each other when no one else is
  • San Diego NORML [1992 to 1995] -- Photography, video, Internet publicity and strategy for various events, including the successful campaign to get Proposition 215 in support of Medical Marijuana on the California ballot and efforts to get HIV+ Samuel Skipper released from prison
  • ProLine Network (Morgan Davis) [1992] -- Proofreading for ProLine 2.0 Manual
  • Dick and Tara Sutphen seminar [1993] -- Attended 2-day Learning Annex event featuring author of "You Were Born Again To Be Together" and "Earthly Purpose," and his wife, author of "Blame It On Your Past Lives"
  • WorldBeat Center/Reggae Makossa (Makeda Dread & Damaja Le) [1993] -- Cleanup and construction assistance at first building, the former West Coast Production Company on Hancock Street -- Photography at several concerts, including Pato Banton, the Skeletones, HR, Obeah and Mzwakhe Mbuli
  • Niece #2 arrives on scene [1993] -- My sister Diane & Pyro Vallas had a second daughter, Rebecca Rose Vallas, on April 19, 1993
  • Jerry Gontang/Left Coast [1993 to PRESENT] -- Photography and video at many performances -- Publicity assistance
  • Oh! Ridge (Jeff Lee & Jerry Gontang) [1993 to 1997; 2001] -- Photography and video at many performances
  • The Skeletones [1993] -- Photography at 2 concerts
  • High Times magazine [1994] -- Photographs of Chris Conrad, Jack Herer and Samuel Skipper
  • The Hatfields (Jeff Lee, Melissa McCracken & Tony Irvine) [1995] -- Video for a Sea World audition tape
  • Moving up to a Macintosh computer [1995 to PRESENT] -- Finally retired 2 Apple IIgs computers shortly after buying new Power Macintosh 6100/60av
  • Dan Millman seminar [1995] -- Attended 1-night Learning Annex event featuring author of "Way Of The Peaceful Warrior" and "The Life You Were Meant To Live"
  • San Diego Parrot Head Club [1995 to 1998] -- Video and photography at many events
  • Deborah Gibson [1996 to 1997] -- Video in 1996 at Planet Hollywood public appearance for "Grease," which I later saw the singer, songwriter and actress appear in as Betty Rizzo at Symphony Hall -- Attended her 1997 1-night Learning Annex seminar called "Breaking In To The Music Industry" -- Photography during the Learning Annex event
  • Coach Bill Whittaker [1996] -- Video at a luncheon commemorating his 50th Anniversary working for City of San Diego
  • Jose Sinatra and the Troy Dante Inferno (Bill Richardson & Jan Tonnesen) [1996 to 1997] -- Video at several performances
  • Nathan's Buns on the Run [1996] -- Videotaped Nathan at his regular spot outside In Cahoots for a demo tape about his mobile hot dog cart
  • East Coast Transplants Club (Nadine Butler) [1996 to PRESENT] -- Video and photography at many East Coast Transplants Club events -- Photos and production assistance for 1998 Parrot Head Calendar -- Macintosh and Internet consultation -- Original webmaster of site that became -- Web design lessons
  • web site [1996 to PRESENT] -- Webmaster
  • Buffed Out (Gary Seiler & Shaaron Hancock) [1997 to 1999] -- Video and photography at numerous performances -- Shot, edited and produced "It's Been A Lovely Cruise! - Gary Seiler's Farewell Tour '97" concert video
  • Beth Joseph and Scarlet Oinky [1997] -- Shot, edited and produced "Tips on Caring for a Pet Pot-Bellied Pig," an instructional video made for a teaching credential class at SDSU
  • Moving up to a Nikon 35mm camera [1997] -- After shooting thousands of rolls of film since 1974, my ancient Pentax Spotmatic IIa 35mm camera had died in 1995 -- I went 2 years without a 35mm camera, then bought my first Nikon, an N6006 equipped with a Tamron auto-focusing 28-200mm zoom lens
  • Visiting Catalina Island, California [1997 to 1998; 2001] -- I have made 3 trips to beautiful Catalina with groups organized by Nadine Butler -- We stayed 2 nights at the Glenmore Plaza Hotel in Avalon (1997) -- Stayed 3 nights at the Catalina Canyon Resort & Spa in Avalon (1998) -- Stayed 1 night at Two Harbors Campground in Two Harbors (2001)
  • Lively Parties (Jennifer Lively) [1997 to PRESENT] -- Macintosh and Internet consultation -- Video and photography at numerous Lively Parties events
  • Taylor Harvey [1997 to 1999] -- Video and photography at numerous performances -- Photos for "Merry Christmas 1997" limited edition CD
  • Krazy Pete's restaurant (Petros Frangos) [1997] -- Menu photography
  • Koko Loco (Shaaron Hancock & Jerry Gontang) & KokoNutz (Pam Lamont) [1997 to 2000] -- Video and photography at many performances -- Publicity assistance
  • Saints67 e-mail list [1997 to PRESENT] -- Manager of e-mail list for St. Augustine High School's Class of '67
  • Making a man's birthdays mighty special [1997 to 2002] -- Because my birthday is Christmas Eve, I've often spent them alone, as lots of people spend the night with their families -- In 1997 Marisa Cullen and I began a tradition aimed at making my Christmas Eve birthdays more special, by cooking dinner together, exchanging Christmas gifts, then watching an old holiday movie -- We varied our tradition in 2000, by meeting early for a slice of delicious cherry cake baked by Marisa, then going to the season finale Chargers-Steelers game at Qualcomm Stadium for my birthday present -- After a break, we ended up back at Marisa's place later in the evening to exchange our Christmas gifts
  • San Diego Community College New Media Center [1998 to PRESENT] -- Student -- Have taken classes covering Corel Draw, Director, Excel, GoLive, Illustrator, iMovie, Norton Utilities, PageMill, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Advanced HTML, Scanning Graphics and Macintosh File Management
  • The T Channel (Douglas Foxworthy) [1999 to 2001] -- Director of Communications
  • Mac menagerie expands [1999 to PRESENT] -- Purchased a new iMac G3 DVD Special Edition (1999) -- After 1 year fighting glitches, I forced Apple Computers to replace it in 2001 with a newer model iMac G3 DVD Special Edition, due to unfixable technical problems -- In 2001 I also acquired a used Power Macintosh 7600/132, bringing my stable of working Macs up to 3 machines
  • Total Escape (Dana Williams) [1999; 2002 to PRESENT] -- Made a 1999 Christmas Day 1-night Total Escape trip to a cabin near the top of Palomar Mountain, from where I could see beautiful Catalina Island shimmering across the water -- Editor of Total Escape TRIPPIN' e-newsletter (2002 to PRESENT)
  • The New Millennium 1-Time-Only Dinner Party & Pool Tourney [1999] -- I marked the end of the Old Millennium at a quiet dinner party with Marisa Cullen and some friends of hers -- The party moved before midnight from a house to an Adams Avenue bar called Kirklands, where everyone played pool -- The New Millennium began for us without Ms. Cullen, though, who missed the midnight celebration while trapped in the ladies room with a hysterical woman -- After escaping from the loo, however, our own San Diego Slim did win the pool tourney

January 1, 2000 to the PRESENT

  • "La Jolla DNA" (Dr. Jonathan Licht, Gary Hyde & Douglas Foxworthy) [2000 to 2001] -- Publicity Director -- Video and photography for auditions, rehearsals and performances -- Web site content creation and design assistance -- Souvenir program editing assistance
  • Emerald River (Greg Drilling) [2000 to 2001] -- Video and photography at numerous performances -- Internet publicity assistance
  • The Heroes [2000 to PRESENT] -- Video and photography at numerous performances -- Internet publicity assistance
  • ACN Inc. [2000 to PRESENT] -- An Independent Representative, I work with my own Independent Reps, Dr. Jonathan Licht and the Center for Neurologic Study -- My sponsors into this network marketing system were Marcelo Slipak and Rochelle Swanson
  • Di'Zsa Wilde [2000 to PRESENT] -- Video and photography at numerous performances -- Internet publicity assistance
  • 80's and Gentlemen [2001] -- Video and photography at numerous performances -- Internet publicity assistance
  • 1st Annual San Diego Catholic School Alums Day with the Padres (Enrique Morones & Chris Olvera) [2001] -- Organized group of 137 people to attend future Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn's final game with the Padres on Sunday, October 7, 2001 -- We also saw Rickey Henderson's 3,000th hit -- The game was preceded by an SDCSA tailgate party
  • Julie Porter [2001] -- Video of dress rehearsal for a musical play featuring her talented son Kyle Porter
  • DMG's Birthday Bash I [2001] -- I hadn't had an actual birthday party since the infamous Great Greenini Surprise in '69, so I co-organized party for my 53rd birthday with Nadine Butler -- Held at McGregor's Grill & Ale House. it also served as a Holiday Party for Nadine's East Coast Transplants Club -- Jennifer Lively, of Lively Parties, also was there and helped keep things running smoothly
  • Naked Songwriters Showcase (Tom Boyd, Dave Howard & Gary Hyde) [2002 to PRESENT] -- Internet publicity assistance -- Video and photography at first 2 songwriter showcases
  • Mom still going strong at 83 [2002 to PRESENT] -- My mother, Helen Lenora (Rummelhart) Green, who turned 83 years old on April 2, 2002, still reads much of the daily newspaper, watches lots of TV news and political shows (as well as her favorite soaps; she enjoys seeing my old amigo John Castellanos on "The Young and the Restless"), and gets out walking and shopping with friends several times a week
  • 2nd Annual San Diego Catholic School Alums Day with the Padres [2002 to PRESENT] -- This event is being planned RIGHT NOW!

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