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#1 -- Tuesday, January 20, 2004
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Greetings and Happy New Year!

Be it known that I, David Matt Green, have been in a somewhat anti-social, non-communicative frame of mind since my birthday party on December 27, but that I am about ready to reappear on the scene.

I want to thank everyone at Desi 'n' Friends -- Desiree Langdon (with me below), Steve Langdon and Jon Tate -- for providing a fun place for my party to happen! Tremendous thanks to the six super souls who actually attended my party, braving the chilly weather and my poor choice of a day -- Marisa Cullen and her friend Jim Loh, Mike Rosenthal, Jeff Lippold and his friend Denise, and Jerry Gontang! Quality definitely counted over quantity that night! And extra-special thanks also to Lori Lichorobiec and Randi Linn Rowe for sending cards to me at Desi's! They were fun surprises!

DMG & DesiDMG playing pool

Thanks as well to David "Turk" Sims (left below) and many other crew members from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Research Vessel Atlantis, who filled Desi's with even more party-ready people, and especially to Turk for all the rounds he bought everyone! Jim Loh also bought some drinks, so a tip of the hat to him too! And a mighty big thank you to one of my oldest and dearest friends -- my Saints '67 classmate Jerry Gontang (right below), for bringing his guitar and playing and singing some tunes for us!

Turk & Jerry

I also would like to thank one of my best friends, Marisa Cullen (below), for cooking me a delicious birthday and Christmas dinner for the seventh year in a row. Marsi is an excellent cook, and she made a filet mignon steak for me and some halibut for her, with artichokes, potatoes and salads for both of us. For desert she baked a cherry pie -- one of my favorite treats! Marsi also is becoming an excellent photographer as well as a fine cook, by the way, and she took the shot of me here and the two I am in above.

Marisa CullenDMG at table

In other news, I intend to turn this web site,, into a much more happening place. I plan to make a lot of changes, and those changes have started already with this new front page. I am going to revise the content of this index page about every other week, while creating an archive of past index pages to keep previous photos and information available indefinitely. We also have installed a set of phpBB2 Message Forums, which are much more easier-to-use than the forums we had here before!

So please check out every couple of weeks to see what my friends and I are up to and have done, as some of the changes will include access to many of my past photos and video clips. And please register for our Message Forums today and join all our other members who already have started posting messages!

Meanwhile, my return to attending public functions will be this week, on Thursday night, January 22, when I go to see my friend Di'Zsa Wilde (below) sing with a fun '80s band called The Cubes at Jimmy Love's in the Gaslamp Quarter. The band starts around 9:30 or 10 and plays until after 1, and there's no cover charge.

Di'Zsa & DMGThe Cubes

On Friday night, January 23, I'm going to see Bettina "Pixie" Warren's cabaret act (below) at the Del Mar Hilton. Jim Guerin starts the evening off around 7 with some fine jazz piano, then Pixie takes the stage around 8:30. Tickets are $18 at the door, or $15 with advance reservations. A $99 three-course dinner for two (includes tickets) also is available. Call 858-794-9044 for reservations or more information.

Cabaret showBettina Warren

Next month, on Thursday, February 5, I will be attending a 6 p.m. Multiclub Networking Party hosted by Nadine Butler (left below with Michele Hausman and Bernie) and her East Coast Transplants club at Aubergine Restaurant in the Gaslamp Quarter. Among the other organizations expected to participate are JoAnn Marini's More Than Amour relationship coaching, Marc Menkin's Where You Want to Be Tours, Pacific Sports & Social Club, Vavi Sports, Family Kayak, Dynamic Events, Cannon Training & Development, and Jer's Homemade Chocolates. The event is free. For more information call 619-248-9700 or e-mail

Nadine, Michele & Bernie

More details about all of these events, as well as more of my photos from past episodes of these gatherings, soon will be available here on! Stay tuned!

Hope all is well with all of you! Sorry if I missed an event of yours since the new year began, but I was in a transitional phase and still stuck in the Bah Humbug mood that I fought throughout the holidays. I didn't want to take that mood out in public, so I pretty much just stayed home, sorting out my thoughts, ideas and goals.

Astrologer Joyce Jillson's 2004 prediction for people born on December 24 is an excellent one, though, and I'm recharged now and ready for some great new challenges! In case you're interested, Ms. Jillson wrote: "The dazzling successes of the coming year are indeed something to look forward to. Moves are lucky and will help you get your name out to a wider audience. A windfall is the result of your good press. Singles will find love while traveling in February or May. Your best partners are Sagittarius and Taurus."

Hope to see some of you at one of the three events I mentioned above!

Love ya all!

David :>

Thanks for visiting! Please come back soon!

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Top three photos of DMG by Marisa Cullen.
Photo of Di'Zsa and DMG by unknown fan.
All other photos by David Matt Green.

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