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Moral Support For Creative Sorts

Brought To You By David Matt Green

Journalist - Editor - Publicist - Photographer - Videographer

ACN Independent Representative

Webmaster of ShyCloud.com and SDCSA.net

DMG at Lake Poway

Photo © 1994 by Marisa Cullen

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Welcome To My Page On The World Wide Web!

Greetings! My name is David Matt Green and I am an ex-newspaper reporter and a former high school journalism teacher. In 1990 I began modeming via America Online, where I co-founded the Writers Club Fiction Workshop, ran a private chat room for creative folks called The Writewood Inn and organized the first offline gathering of San Diego AOL members.

I started my own computer bulletin board system in 1991, known as Pro-Harold.cts.com, which served from then until 1996 as an Internet partner to HAROLD, a somewhat eccentric newsletter I've published sporadically since 1985. People who've participated in either the newsletters or the BBS are called Haroldians, and we gather from time to time for dinners at restaurants in San Diego, California, where many of us live or have lived.

The web page that eventually became ShyCloud.com came into existence at the end of 1996. It is a tremendous new way for my pals and I to communicate, and it will keep getting better and better. I have installed message boards, which hopefully will lead to many spirited discussions, and I will be adding chat rooms someday soon.

I also feature a page that offers links to hundreds of eclectic sites all over the web. There is a special section for pages belonging to my friends and acquaintances, so if you happen to be a pal with a web page I don't already know about, please e-mail me your URL and I'll add you to my collection of links.

Please don't get the idea this page is only for people I already know, though, as I'm always looking for new friends. Thus, whether you're an old friend or a new friend-to-be, I hope you enjoy ShyCloud.com. Thanks for visiting, and do come back again often!

David :>

P.S. -- In case you're wondering, Shy Cloud was one of my first AOL screen names. The name has been with me even longer than that, however, as it was given to me by a Den Mother for an Indian Day way back when I was a very bashful young Cub Scout.

You may reach David Matt Green via E-Mail.

To learn more about his accomplishments, view DMG's Biographical Notes.

Visit a large and eclectic collection of David Matt Green's Favorite Links.

DMG is Founder, Director and Webmaster of San Diego Catholic School Alums.

He was Publicity Director in 2000 for a new rock musical called "La Jolla DNA."

David Matt Green also is an ACN Independent Representative.

If you enjoy shopping online, save money at DMG's Online Mall.

One of his Independent Reps is the Center for Neurologic Study.

Thanks for visiting ShyCloud.com!
Please come back again soon!

This page made its World Wide Web debut on December 29, 1996.

© 1996-2002 by David Matt Green. All rights reserved.
Updated Monday, April 8, 2002.

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