March 31, 2004

I'm Still Researching Blog Software

Greetings! I've found a third one of these programs, which are called Content Management Systems, or CMSs. This one is called Greymatter and I also have another one installed and working called Nucleus. The third one is called Movable Type and I think it's...
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March 30, 2004

This May Not Be The Final Blog

After I installed this Greymatter Blog software, I did some more research and found another software that I like, maybe better. It's called Nucleus and I've also installed it on I will play with both of these setups for the time being to...
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ShyCloud #6 Is Instead Weblog #1!

Surprise! If you've come here today looking for the next front page of, #6, you've found it, but I suspect it isn't what you were expecting! People kept telling me that seemed like a Weblog, or Blog, so I did some research...
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