March 30, 2004

ShyCloud #6 Is Instead Weblog #1!


If you've come here today looking for the next front page of, #6, you've found it, but I suspect it isn't what you were expecting!

People kept telling me that seemed like a Weblog, or Blog, so I did some research and I've decided that a Blog is exactly what should be.

And voila! Today I found a free Open Source Weblog software called Greymatter, and this evening I installed it on's server.

At the moment, our new front page looks sort of primitive, but it is going to allow a lot of great new things to happen here at! For one, we will be able to get news and information from other Blogs!

With a Weblog, I'll be able to post updates whenever I want, instead of being locked into a once-every-two-week timeframe! Readers also will be able to post comments about my posts!

Anyway, I'm going to keep this first message short, as I want to post it and then make this the new front page, as it just passed Midnight, so it's now Tuesday, and time for ShyCloud #6.

NOTE:'s pre-Blog front pages are at:

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