April 24, 2004

America Mourns Pat Tillman

Pat TillmanPat Tillman is dead. :(

It was all over the news yesterday and will be there again today and tomorrow. He was killed during fighting in Afghanistan. I borrowed this picture of him from Associated Press.

When I first heard about Tillman quitting the National Football League a couple of years ago to become an Army Ranger, I didn't really know too much about him, as he had played for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC, and I mostly follow the San Diego Chargers and the AFC.

I remember I had a bad feeling about it at the time, though, a sense that Pat Tillman's future would have this kind of ending. This was a story I expected to hear some day, and I'm sad now that I've heard it. :(

America has a new hero. I'm sad that Pat Tillman's family and friends have lost one of theirs. :(

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