April 13, 2004

Happy New Blog!!!

Our new Movable Type Blog seems to be up and running at last, appropriately on April 13, 2004! I launched my old ProLine BBS, Pro-Harold.cts.com, on July 13, 1991, so since then I've always considered the 13th a lucky day for me, and it was again!

I might never have gotten this thing up and running without a ton of help on the Movable Type Message Forums from a kind redheaded stranger named Shelley! You can see Shelley's Blog at: http://TheGirlieMatters.com/.

Thank you so much, Shelley! I owe you a great big favor!

I also got help from two members of the WestHost Message Forums, Shawn and Fayez. Thanks to both of you! And thanks also to the tech people at WestHost who helped me fix some things I fouled up on my server!

Now I'm gonna go have a beer or two to celebrate, because I deserve a break!

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