April 26, 2004

Taylor Harvey's New CD Is Out!

Taylor HarveyBack in February, I told readers of this page that Taylor Harvey and his band were hard at work at Langdon Productions in La Mesa recording his next CD, "A Place To Call My Own," which they hoped to finish by mid-April.

Well, it's late-April and that CD is now out! Taylor and the band introduced it Saturday at the San Diego Parrot Head Club's 9th Anniversary Party.

Engineered and produced by Steve Langdon, who handled the same jobs for Taylor's previous CD, "No Loitering," the new album features bass player Steve Campana, guitarist Tim Edwards and drummer Jaron Lyon.

Here's a message from Taylor about the new CD, last Saturday's show and an upcoming show:

Well, it finally happened! The CD "A Place To Call My Own" by the Taylor Harvey Band is out and our first gig is in the books! 

We played an hour-long set to an appreciative crowd at Campland On The Bay Saturday. It felt great to be on a nice stage playing these new songs and the response was positive and immediate. On behalf of Jaron, Tim, Steve and myself, I want to thank everyone who was there and made us feel so welcome!

The CD is now available and you can get one in any number of ways. You can contact me at TayHarvey@aol.com, you can come to The Plank in Imperial Beach on any Sunday from 3-6 p.m., and by next week you will be able to go to CDBaby.com and type in "Taylor Harvey" and place your order for either CD. In May, it looks like I'll be back in Lakeside at the Branded Oak on Thursday nights as well, so that will be another place to get a CD.

At this time, the next gig for the band is at a house concert being hosted by Cheri Robertson at her home in La Mesa on May 22nd. The show will be opened by Matt Baxter, a very promising young singer/songwriter from Orange County. For more info on this event, please contact me at TayHarvey@aol.com or Cheri at Cheri72@cox.net.

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