April 23, 2004

Thursday Was Fun And Tonight Will Be Too!

The CubesI had a ton of fun last night at Jimmy Love's and I'm looking forward to having a lot more fun tonight at the Catamaran Resort on Mission Boulevard!

The Cubes were great again and they played to another jammed dance floor for much of the night! Once they start playing, people seem to pour in from all over the Gaslamp Quarter, and they don't leave until the band starts packing up to go home! Di'Zsa Wilde was gorgeous, of course, and I look forward to seeing her again tonight with The Heroes!

Mattie & Di'ZsaI e-mailed Mattie Mills yesterday and got a reply saying she indeed will be there tonight with The Heroes at the Catamaran's Cannibal Bar, which pleases me greatly! Yay! I've told Mattie two or three times that I think she's one of the finest entertainers I've ever seen in San Diego! Her version of "At Last" is the best I've ever heard, and I get goosebumps everytime she sings it! I shot this picture of Mattie and Di'Zsa last year at Viejas Casino.

Jennifer GentileWhen I walked in to Jimmy Love's Thursday night I received a pleasant surprise, albeit one that startled me at first. Jennifer Gentile was back working as a waitress! I feared at first that Super Funk Fantasy hadn't panned out for her, and that she'd moved back to San Diego from Los Angeles, but it turned out she was only waitressing a shift for old time's sake. The band actually plays there tonight, having just returned to California after a three-week cross-country tour that made stops in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Ohio and Missouri!

I'd love to see Super Funk Fantasy again, as I thought they were excellent when I saw them in March. I shot the photo above of Jennifer that night. I caught two sets then, and from the moment they began each set until the moment they ended each one, they never stopped playing for a second! They played a ton of songs each time, all as one really big medley! It was very impressive!

Unfortunately, I can't go see them tonight, because I'll be at the Cannibal Bar watching The Heroes, but luckily Super Funk Fantasy will be back at Jimmy Love's next Thursday night, so I will get my chance to see them again then!

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