April 2, 2004

What Kind Of Airport Does San Diego Want?

I will be spending all day Sunday participating in a focus group for the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

The event is being organized by Flagship Research. Here is the message they sent me about the purpose of the day:

Thank you for agreeing to attend the citizen dialogue on the future of San Diego's air travel and how that future might affect the entire region. You will be part of a group of participants from around San Diego County. As a reminder, the discussion is NOT about deciding WHERE to put an airport, but rather WHAT KIND of airport we want and WHAT KIND of San Diego it will help create.

If this topic interests you and you can reply to me before 7 a.m. Sunday, I'd love to hear your opinions before I go, so I will have lots of ideas to share at the dialogue! Just use the Comments command right below to reply.

Thanks in advance for any input you care to offer me!

Posted at 4:50 PM in San Diego