May 10, 2004

A Webgoddess Scoffs At Our 54,118 Hits!

Last Thursday I sent an e-mail to all of my friends announcing that the number of monthly hits for had jumped from a mere 2,592 in December, to an amazing 54,118 in April, the first month we had our Blog up and running!

DMG and Dana WilliamsI got an e-mail back about those numbers from my friend Dana Williams, the webgoddess of a huge California adventures web site called Here's a picture of Dana and I that was taken late last December when she flashed through San Diego on her way south to lead a tour group in Mexico.

A fellow iMac fan and a much more experienced and talented webmaster than me, Dana lived on Georgia Street when I first met her at a Macintosh User Group meeting in 1999, until last year, when she bought a cabin northeast of Los Angeles in Pine Mountain and moved up there!

This is what Dana had to say about me using the number of basic hits as an accurate reflection of how busy a site is:

Congrats on your hits increase. Mine is way up too. I count page views (over basic hits). This week I am doing between 30,000-40,000 page views per day. And my content database is growing fast. I have well over 2,000 pages inside my site.

My bit of news for you is: Total Escape had a writeup in the Los Angeles Times in Tuesday's Outdoor section. This is the third time and it wasn't just a mention. It was a full blown article on my site. How cool is that?

Thanks for keeping me posted on San Diego life. When you gonna come up for a visit? Living in the mountains is amazing!!

California, Off the Beaten Path
Total Escape --

Wow! Kudos to you, Dana, for building such a great and useful web site! You're one of my webmaster heroes! Or should I say webmistress heroines? ;>

Anyway, I hope to take you up on that offer to visit your mountain paradise sometime soon!

As for those numbers, when we look at page views rather than basic hits, jumped from 1,680 page views in December, for an average of only 54 a day, to 10,763 page views in April, for an average of 358 per day!

Granted, our numbers look pretty puny beside's 30,000-40,000 page views per day, DanaMite, but we're still mighty proud of our little jump! We're gonna become the little web site that keeps chugging right on up the mountain to the top!

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