May 25, 2004

Bridget's Music Monday Set At Humphrey's

Bridget BrigitteI'm in for a quadruple treat on Memorial Day, when I'm going to Bridget's Music Monday! First of all, it will be at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge on Shelter Island, which is one of my favorite clubs. Secondly, I met Bridget Brigitte at a Women's History Month Celebration in March (where I shot this photo), and she seemed like a really nice person. She organizes several showcases around town, including this one, which has been running every other Monday. I've wanted to check one out, and this is the one I've been planning on, because thirdly, a group called YOURSELF is on the bill and they are my old friends Diane and Howard Anshell, who I haven't seen play in probably 10 years! Fourth, I raved to Bridget about my friend Patti Zlaket, so she added her to the show too! I've even thought of a fifth reason this will be a great night for me, and that is all the other performers I will see and hear for the first time!

Here's a message from Bridget about Monday's show:

Hey everyone, come on out for mega music fun at my last Music Monday before the summer! The show goes from 6:00-11:40 p.m. at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge. Don't miss this exciting lineup of original songwriters and performers, including: Geoff Pearlman on lap steel guitar, Quincy the super vocalist from LA, YOURSELF the TV producers, Bridget Brigitte (me! with conga player Danielle Bruce, violin player Wendy Patrick, Ean Corbett on electric guitar, and both Steve Tomae and Enrique Platas on drums), the wonderful Patti Zlaket, the neato band called Blue, the all-women's band Abigails Attic, the cool PB band Tubby, and a final set called Songs to Welcome Summer! There is a $5 cover charge which goes to pay the bands.

And here's a message from Howard Anshell:

We are very pleased to announce that YOURSELF (Howard & Diane) will be playing at Humphrey's this coming Monday night. This is a great and lately all too rare chance to catch YOURSELF live, as well as some of San Diego's up and coming performers. Diane and I met on Memorial Day 26 years ago, by the way, so come help us celebrate our "Metaversary" and see if we can't pull a few new sounds out of that old bag of tricks! The more of our friends who show up, the more likely we are to play at Humphrey's again!
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