May 26, 2004

Consider Me On Hiatus From

I turned into a weblog in early April. Since then the average number of Page Views per day here has gone up from 263 in March, to 358 in April, to 610 so far in May!

It would seem, therefore, that people must be reading and hopefully enjoying all the articles I've written and the photographs I've taken, but if that's true, I have no proof of it, since no one is posting comments to the articles or using our Message Forums.

Because of that, I have no way of knowing whether or not anyone is actually enjoying what I've been doing. I've had a message here for several days asking for input, but no one has given me any responses.

Thus, I'm having a hard time seeing a need to keep posting articles and photos on If I don't know for certain that what I am doing is being seen, enjoyed and appreciated, what is the point of continuing to add to what I've done?

Therefore, I am going on a hiatus from! I will be working on other projects until such time as I get some input here that tells me people were enjoying what I was doing and would like to see me continue doing it.

If you fit that description, please post a comment below. If you have been enjoying what I was doing with, just let me know that here and maybe I will continue doing it.

If you haven't enjoyed it, just stay silent and maybe I will stay on hiatus from permanently!

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