May 19, 2004

Happy 20th Anniversary Classes of '84!

Today is the birthday of Cathy Bernens Williams, who was a member of my yearbook staff at OLP in 1983-84.

Happy Birthday to Cathy Bernens Williams!

And Happy 20th Anniversary to everyone in the OLP and Saints Classes of '84, especially to those who helped produce either the yearbook or the newspaper!

The Oracle and Villa Montemar staff

This picture was taken in March of 1984 after the annual San Diego County Journalism Education Association On-The-Spot Write-Offs. The Villa Montemar yearbook staff members were wearing red sweatshirts and The Oracle newspaper crew sported blue T-shirts. Together the two groups won 22 percent of the trophies awarded that year, including one for "Best Yearbook."

Cathy is fourth from the right end of the middle row. I hadn't actually seen her since the '80s, as she moved out of state and had six children with husband Tom Williams (Saints '84)! I bumped into Cathy at my neighborhood Albertson's last year, however, as she and her family have moved back to San Diego.

The only other people in the picture that I've seen lately are the two guys third and fifth from the left in the top row. That's Rich Campbell and Chris Putnam, and they are the two friends I went with to all four days of the Aztec Invitational Baseball Tournament that opened Petco Park in March.

I've also been in e-mail contact for a couple of years with the second girl from the right in the front row. That's Laurie Howe, who now is Laura Dion. She's a Vice President for a local company that has offices in a number of states, and my friend Marisa Cullen is her assistant.

I haven't really heard much about what's become of the rest of the people in the photo, except for the first girl on the left in the top row. That's Margita Thompson, who was in the Class of '85. Margita works in Sacramento these days, as Press Secretary to Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger! Before that she worked for the first President George Bush, the wife of Vice President Dick Cheney and talk show host Larry King!

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