May 8, 2004

I Just Made Some Small Improvements

I just spent part of my Friday evening making some small improvements to

I added more information along the right side of the page and organized it all a little better.

I also increased the number of Recent Articles that will be listed on the right side from a measly 10 to 55 -- one for each of my years!

On the other hand, I decreased the time an article stays displayed on this side of the page from 30 days to 14, because I was worried about how long it might be taking the 30-day page to load for people still using dialup! Before installing a Blog, I was covering two weeks at a time with each new front page, and I think that still seems like the best time frame for this page.

And lastly, in our Archives area I added direct links to all of our pre-weblog front pages, to make them easier to find.


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