June 2, 2004

Bridget's Music Monday Was Great Fun!

Bridget BrigitteBridget Brigitte really knows how to put together a great showcase! I had predicted that I was in for a quadruple treat on Memorial Day at her Bridget's Music Monday at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge, but that estimate was way too low! The night was a treat times at least 11 or 12!

The evening featured sets by nine different acts! Each one got 30 minutes, so about 5 or 6 songs apiece. The time between sets was only as long as was needed to remove one bunch of instruments from the stage and bring up the next ones.

Patti ZlaketIn order, I saw: Geoff Pearlman, Quincy, YOURSELF, Patti Zlaket, Bridget Brigitte, Abigails Attic, Blue, Tubby, and Rob Mehl.

YOURSELF is comprised of my old friends Howard and Diane Anshell, who I've known since about 1993. Patti Zlaket and I are rapidly becoming old friends too, while Bridget Brigitte and Rob Mehl are new friends I met pretty recently. I didn't even know Rob would be there Monday until I arrived, as Bridget added Rob to the showcase after I mentioned him to her last week, but she didn't tell me.

QuincyI hadn't seen any of the other performers before, but I was impressed by all of them. My favorites were Quincy, a dark-haired beauty from Los Angeles with an ethereal voice, and Abigails Attic, a local all-female quartet who rocked hard behind a great lead singer named Jana Losey, who also played some killer sax and flute.

My favorite moment of the entire evening was when Patti Zlaket said there was one more person she wanted to thank and that was David Matt Green! Patti credited me for introducing her to Bridget and thus making her appearance Monday possible. She said I attend more gigs than anyone she knows, and that I run a really cool web site that does a lot for the local music community! Many thanks for those very kind words, Patti Z, even though they probably made me blush!!! Good thing it was dark!

ROB MEHL: Just Give Me The KeysMy favorite guitar of the night was Rob Mehl's one-of-a-kind blue Takamine. During his set, Rob told the story of how his friends conspired to sneak it away from him so that they could get it custom painted for his 50th birthday. They also installed a new fingerplate, shaped like a dolphin! It's a gorgeous instrument! I was quite pleased about getting to see Rob play, by the way, as he had given me a copy of his CD, "Just Give Me The Keys," when I met him at Taylor Harvey's house concert on May 22, and I've grown to love it. My friends Mattie Mills and Eve Selis even sang background vocals on the CD! I had hoped to see Rob play live sometime, and thanks to Bridget, I have!

Geoff PearlmanMy three favorite new acquaintances Monday night, in the order I met them, were Quincy (who signs e-mail messages "Until Soon," just like I've been known to do), a makeup artist named Laura Mitts (who moved to town quite recently and was enjoying both the music and being in San Diego on a beautiful holiday evening), and Bridget's violinist Wendy Patrick (who plays first violin for the USD Symphony Orchestra as well, and also fights hate crimes as a Deputy District Attorney when she isn't playing music -- I don't believe I had ever met a real crime-fighting violinist before, although I used to read about a famous fictional one named Sherlock Holmes!).

TubbyAnd lastly, my new favorite showcase producer is none other than... Bridget Brigitte! Bravo on an excellent show, Bridget! May you do many, many more of them! My only real complaint was that for me there was just a little too much show, as I was feeling a bit burned out by the end of the evening from trying to digest so many different musicians and styles!

(NOTE: The CD covers I have included here are links to the six artists I saw Monday who have their albums available on CDBaby.com. Click on the CDs to hear song samples.)

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