June 4, 2004

CDBaby Buying Can Help ShyCloud.com!

I recently learned that I could help my musician friends sell their independently released CDs, while also helping ShyCloud.com at the same time! CDBaby.com, where many of my friends sell their CDs, has a Partner Program, which I've joined.

Now, if you go through one of the CDBaby.com links here to buy CDs by my friends (or anyone else!), you pay their standard price, the artists get their normal cut, and ShyCloud.com will get $1 per CD too, which will help us cover the many expenses that go into keeping this web site up and running!

Please bookmark these links and use them to help ShyCloud.com whenever you visit CDBaby: CDBaby.com Home Page and CDBaby.com Search Page.

CDBaby.com calls itself "a little CD store with the best new independent music." If you want to discover great indie recordings, this is an excellent place to look! Remember that ALL CDs you buy on CDBaby.com through one of our links will help ShyCloud.com! It doesn't have to be just CDs I list!

Below are some CDs by singers or bands I've met. If you click on the CDs, you go to the CDBaby pages for them, where you can listen to clips from the songs and purchase CDs you like.

Berkley Hart BERKLEY HART: Wreck 'N Sow

Border Radio BORDER RADIO: Americana Brand BORDER RADIO: Lil' Songbook

Bridget Brigitte BRIDGET BRIGITTE: Where Birds Meet in the Rain

Danielle LoPresti DANIELLE LO PRESTI AND THE MASSES: 22 Mountains DANIELLE LOPRESTI: Dear Mr. Penis head

Dave Howard DAVE HOWARD: Into The Wind DAVE HOWARD: Unbelievable Unknown

Eve Selis EVE SELIS: Do You Know Me EVE SELIS: Long Road Home EVE SELIS: Out on a Wire

Geoff Pearlman GEOFF PEARLMAN: Anything at All

Grant Langston GRANT LANGSTON: Road Side Service GRANT LANGSTON: Chinese Fire Drill GRANT LANGSTON: All This And Pecan Pie

Harriet Schock HARRIET SCHOCK: LIVE: From Fairfax To Pasadena HARRIET SCHOCK: Rosebud HARRIET SCHOCK: American Romance

Jeffrye Glenn Tveraas JEFFRYE GLENN TVERAAS: Cheshire Moon

Joe Rathburn JOE RATHBURN: Rockwells and Picassos JOE RATHBURN: Little Suns

Michael Weston King MICHAEL WESTON KING: A Decent Man MICHAEL WESTON KING: Live...In Dinky Town

Patti Zlaket PATTI ZLAKET: Bliss


Randi Driscoll RANDI DRISCOLL: What Matters RANDI DRISCOLL: The Play

Rob Mehl ROB MEHL: Just Give Me The Keys

The Save Mikey's Project VARIOUS SAN DIEGO ARTISTS: Life After Debt (The Save Mikey's Project)

Taylor Harvey THE TAYLOR HARVEY BAND: A Place To Call My Own TAYLOR HARVEY: No Loitering

34Below 34BELOW: Live at Dublin Square

Tim P Scott TIM P SCOTT: glossolalia TIM P SCOTT: radio i

Todd Schroeder TODD SCHROEDER: Searching

Tubby TUBBY: Unpredictable Jiggle

Again, please bookmark these links and use them to help ShyCloud.com whenever you visit CDBaby: CDBaby.com Home Page and CDBaby.com Search Page.

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