June 21, 2004

Listen To Joan Rubin's "Locals Live" Show

Joan Rubin and Patti ZlaketI hadn't heard of Joan Rubin and her "Locals Live" radio show on KKSM-AM 1320 until last week, when I learned Randi Driscoll was to be a guest on the show. I tried to get the station on my radio, but didn't succeed, so I Googled KKSM to find out where it is. I discovered it is at Palomar College in San Marcos, and I found that I could hear them via their web site. I listened to the show that way and learned a lot about Randi Driscoll and her music. While they were on the air I e-mailed the station to say I had posted an article that day about Randi on ShyCloud.com, and right before the show ended, Joan mentioned David from ShyCloud.com to Randi, who said she knew the site and me, which I thought was pretty cool! The next night I went to Redfield's for the Mighty 1090's Padres Postgame Show to see Randi perform a few songs there. Randi pointed out Joan in the audience to me, so I introduced myself to her at one point. She gave me a warm hug and thanked me for doing something to help local musicians!

This is my way of thanking Joan for also doing something for them! Joan's show "Locals Live" airs every Tuesday from 10 a.m.-noon. Tomorrow's guest is Nathan James, who I don't know anything about. I'm going to tune in, though, and I'm betting I'll learn a lot and have fun doing it! I've conducted more than a few interviews in my life as a journalist, so I know a great interviewer when I hear one, and I heard one last week when I listened to Joan and Randi! You can listen to "Locals Live" via KKSM's web site, and the station also is available as part of Cox Cable's digital music package.

I haven't taken any pictures of Joan, so I borrowed the one above from the KKSM web site, because it shows Joan on the left and my friend Patti Zlaket on the right. Joan mentioned Patti to Randi last week, and Randi said she didn't know Patti, so if Randi reads this, now she'll at least know what Patti looks like. ;>

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