June 7, 2004

New USS Midway Museum Opens Today

USS MidwayDid you know San Diego will have a new tourist attraction as of today called the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum, and that it will be housed aboard a historic U.S. Navy carrier? The USS Midway arrived in our beautiful harbor on January 5 and is berthed permanently now at Navy Pier, about a block south of Broadway. Many volunteers have worked many hours since then to get the ship and the museum exhibits ready for today's opening.

Launched in 1945 at Newport News, Virginia, Midway was the largest warship in the world for the first decade of her service, and saw many firsts, including the dawn of naval missile warfare in 1947, when a captured German V-2 rocket was test fired from her flight deck. Midway served three combat tours in Vietnam and launched warplanes over Iraq in 1991, before finally being decommissioned in 1992, as the longest-serving carrier in U.S. Navy history! She was at an inactive ship facility in Bremerton, Washington, until being towed to San Diego.

Bud & DavidMy late father, Madison "Bud" Green, left Lone Tree, Iowa, at 19 and spent 20 years in the Navy, serving during World War II and the Korean War, before retiring in 1957. Because of that I often was around Navy bases and ships during my youth. This picture was taken when Bud was 32 and I was just 5 months old.

In late January I naturally headed down to the harbor to see Midway. The ship is so huge I had trouble getting far enough back to show all of her in my camera's wide-angle lens! To see a cool satellite photo (shot from about 400 miles above San Diego!) that shows three tugboats nudging Midway into her new berth, where she towers over the pier and everything else around her, click here.

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