June 10, 2004

Quincy Plays At Hollywood's Hotel Cafe

Quincy and Geoff PearlmanI met singer/songwriter Quincy on Memorial Day at Bridget Brigitte's Music Monday at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge, where I shot this photo of her and Geoff Pearlman. I really like both Quincy's voice and her songs. After seeing and hearing her on May 31st, I wrote that she was my favorite of the performers I'd seen for the first time that night, and I called her "a dark-haired beauty from Los Angeles with an ethereal voice." By ethereal, I meant heavenly or celestial.

QuincyQuincy has a CD out called "Also Known As Mary." If you'd like to hear clips from the songs on it, click on this picture of the CD. And if you'll be in the LA area this weekend, I suggest you check out Quincy live and in person at 10 p.m. on Saturday, June 12, at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood!

I won't be in LA this Saturday to see Quincy's show, but I do plan to be there when Quincy returns to San Diego on Friday, July 2nd, to play at Twiggs Green Room on Park Boulevard!

Here's an e-mail from Quincy about the Hotel Cafe show:

Lets make this short and sweet...

Saturday, June 12th
Hotel Cafe
1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
(just south of Hollywood)

8 p.m. - Paul Schneider
9 p.m. - Abba Roland
10 p.m. - me
11 p.m. - Steve Reynolds
12 a.m. - Mike Freas

The usual will be in attendance with me: Ian Walker on bass, Anthony Zimitti on the skins, Andrew Bush on guitar, with special guests Cisco Deluna and Geoff Pearlman on something with 6 strings, Renee Stahl and her voice behind those cheekbones, and last but not least, Stewart Cole on the horn!!!

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