July 19, 2004

"Fahrenheit" Skipped The Bush I Once Met

Neil Bush"Fahrenheit 9/11" did disappoint me regarding one minor thing, by the way, as it didn't say much about the Bush family member who I actually met and photographed in 1990 -- W's embarrassing sibling Neil Bush.

I was taking pictures for Father Joe Carroll at his St. Vincent de Paul Village during their annual Thanksgiving Day meals for homeless people, and Neil Bush showed up there to help serve turkey dinners as part of his public penance for his shady dealings as a board member of the infamous Silverado Savings and Loan. Here's one of the photos I shot that day, featuring Neil glad-handing the head chef at the Village.

You can read about Neil Bush's most recent misadventures in a December 28, 2003, article from the Washington Post.

And here's a page about the Bush family's involvement with Silverado Savings and Loan, whose 1988 collapse cost America's taxpayers more than $1 billion!

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