July 8, 2004

Happy 19th Birthday To My Niece Lacey!!!

Lacey VallasLacey VallasHappy 19th Birthday to my niece Lacey Vallas! It was fun to see you at the Padres game recently, and a pleasure to meet your beau!

To the left is one of Lacey's senior photos, taken before her graduation from high school in 2003. Besides playing lots of sports during her high school years, Lacey also began working in a restaurant. These days she's zipping off to college in her soccer-ball-dented blue car, carrying a laptop computer she paid for herself with money from the job, where she's now a manager.

Unfortunately for Lacey's sake, the other photo to the right that I shot of her and an eight ball at her 1st birthday party will always be one of my personal favorites from all the pictures I've ever taken of her! In fact, I still keep a copy of it in the small sample photo portfolio that I carry in my camera bag.

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