August 31, 2004

Happy Birthday Deborah Gibson!

Happy Birthday to internationally famous singer-actress-songwriter Deborah Gibson!

Deborah GibsonBack in 1990, I was still pretty new to modeming when I joined America Online, where someone convinced me that they were the then-teenaged singing star Debbie Gibson. Because I thought I had met the real Ms. Gibson, I proceeded to learn more about her, so I could converse intelligently with her. I purchased several of her CDs and videos, and I found that I liked both her songs and what I learned about her as a person. Sadly, after a month or so, I discovered that people like to pretend on America Online, and that I didn't really know Debbie Gibson.

I did still like her work, though, so I kept following her career as she grew older. Eventually she started going by Deborah Gibson, and that's the name she was billed as when she came to San Diego in 1996, playing Betty Rizzo in a touring company of "Grease!" I saw the show at Symphony Hall, then went to the stage door and actually did meet Deborah as she signed autographs and posed for pictures with dozens of her fans. The next day I spoke with her again at Planet Hollywood, where I videotaped her singing a song.

Deborah GibsonIn 1997, Deborah returned to San Diego to do a seminar for the Learning Annex about getting started in the music business. I attended and while there I shot some photos of her, including the two you see here. During a question and answer session, I also told Deborah that some people had requested copies of the video I had shot of her the previous year, and I asked if she would mind if I made tapes for those people. I had sent Deborah a copy of the video soon after I shot it, so I was pleasantly surprised when a year later she replied that she had watched the tape recently and thought it was quality stuff. She said I had her permission to sell copies, provided I gave any profits to charity.

Since then, Deborah has starred in shows on Broadway, including Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," and she just finished a short run in "Brigadoon" up in Los Angeles at UCLA's Ralph Freud Playhouse. Alas, I didn't make it up there to see the show, but here's a flier from the production:

Deborah Gibson in 'Brigadoon'
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