September 17, 2004

34Below Trys To Avoid Hurricane Ivan

34BelowI received an e-mail Wednesday from 34Below, a band that has been touring along the East Coast, which has given them an opportunity to see up close and personal what hurricane season is like! The e-mail was sent while they were stuck near New Orleans in Hurricane Ivan evacuation traffic, so hopefully they made it out safely! Here's a picture I shot of the band at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge in July, right before they headed east in August.

Here's that e-mail from 34Below:

Hello from the road... literally. We're just sitting here in evacuation traffic somewhere near New Orleans. We've been at a standstill for almost a day, tossing the football around just to pass time. Luck sure has been treating us well this summer as far as hurricanes go. Someone must have put one of those newfangled hurricane magnets on our van. With less than 12 hours till Hurricane Ivan hits down some people are getting a little tense trying to cut along the sides of the freeway only to cause accidents and slow things down more. :( 

On the flip side of things, look forward to seeing us all over the US in the next couple weeks. From Florida to Oregon to Houston to Minnesota to North Carolina to Denver to a bunch of other places. Check out for all the tour updates. It would be great to see you at a show and if you know anyone near a city we're playing, make sure to tell them to come out. You can also keep in touch with us through our message board or by e-mailing us. Until then, we'll keep on rolling...

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