October 17, 2004

Mike Rosenthal Is Headed For San Diego

Mike Rosenthal & PosseMichael Rosenthal is flying west tomorrow to return to San Diego for a week-long visit! Mike had migrated here from Toms River, New Jersey, in the mid-'80s, but he ended up moving back there this past March to be with his family again. He's been pretty miserable and lonely in Jersey, though, so he's headed back to San Diego to see his friends and his old stomping grounds! I shot this picture last year of Mike and his karaoke posse during his 40th birthday party at the Navajo Second Wind Bar.

I met Mike way back in 1987. One day I was unloading my first Apple IIgs computer from my van and Mike happened to ride by on his bicycle. Noticing the big Apple logo on the box, he cruised over to see what I had. Turned out he was a big fan of Apple computers too, and since he lived only a few blocks away, we ended up becoming Apple II buddies. Eventually we both moved up to Macs. A couple of years after we met, Mike talked me into getting my first modem, which in 1991 led to me starting my own computer bulletin board system called Pro-Harold.cts.com. I ran it for five years, then closed it down late in 1996 and created my first web page, which soon turned into ShyCloud.com. Thus, this web site is all Mike's fault!

Here is an e-mail from Mike with his plans:

I'll be arriving Monday night. Tuesday I'll be getting a rental car. Wednesday is unplanned. Thursday I'll be going to the old Woodcarver Pizza, which is now Kristy's Sports Bar, to do karaoke with my old Monday night group. Friday night I'll be at Pal Joey's. Saturday night I'll be at the Charcoal House for karaoke. Sunday and Monday are unplanned. Tuesday I'll be taking my return flight out.
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