October 15, 2004

Two Tell Me About "The Ultimate Journey"

The Ultimate JourneyI'm not totally sure I know what "The Ultimate Journey" is, but I got e-mail about it from two people I know this week, so I figure I should mention it here.

I heard about it first from my dear friend Di'Zsa Wilde, who wrote Monday to tell me that some of her original music will be in the production, but she didn't say when it would be.

Two days later I got an e-mail from Angela Brannon, who runs both the It's All About The Kids Foundation and an organization called Partying For A Purpose. It seems the foundation is one of the charities that will benefit from a presentation of "The Ultimate Journey" at 7:30 p.m. tonight, Friday, October 15, at the Encinitas Community Center.

I met Angela in May at a mixer Nadine Butler organized for non-profit groups and potential volunteers. She began sending me her group's e-mails and asked me to mention their activities sometime. I've been looking for one to write about, and this is it!

Below is part of Angela's e-mail, which begins with some bad news about her being hurt in an accident. Heal quickly, Angela!

As many of you know, last Monday, on the way to the Pat Benatar concert, I was crossing Broadway, in the crosswalk, when I was hit by a car. With the help of my friends, Katie and Laurel, I was taken to the hospital and then home. I am on crutches, leg brace and a lot of pain. I personally invite you to PLEASE STOP FOR A MOMENT and be THANKFUL FOR ALL THAT WE HAVE. This made me really stop and think. And now I am forced to slow down.

I also invite you to join me this Friday for "The Ultimate Journey." This fantastic production will remind you of our greater gifts and purpose.

Where the bleep are we going? "The Ultimate Journey" is a live multi-media theatrical experience that seeks to answer this question.

Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door. A portion of all proceeds supports children's charities. To learn more or to purchase your tickets now, click here or call 760-931-7878.

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