October 21, 2004

Want To See Some Blogs That I Like?

Hey! Want to see some Blogs that inspire me to try to make our 6-month-old Blog better and better? Here are five of them:

A world traveler named Cherie Sogsti produces a great Blog at www.WheresCherie.com! Earlier this year she let me link to a cool satellite photo on her site of the USS Midway being pushed into her new berth here in San Diego. Check out that photo here.

Wil Wheaton has been producing www.WilWheaton.net since 2001. He first entered the public eye in 1986 with his critically acclaimed performance in Rob Reiner's "Stand By Me," then he spent his teenage years on the starship Enterprise playing Wesley Crusher on "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Shelley Kauffmann oversees the Movable Type Support Forums, where she answered a bunch of my questions when I was trying to set up the Personal Publishing System that runs ShyCloud.com. Her Blog is called www.TheGirlieMatters.com.

I only discovered Elise Bauer yesterday, but one of her Blogs is going to get lots of visits from me, because it's called Learning Movable Type! I've already found several answers I needed there! Her personal Blog is part of www.Elise.com.

I've known Jeff Gitchel over the net since 1990, when we both were hanging around the Writer's Club chat room on America Online, he as Pokey4 and me as Shy Cloud. Jeff started experimenting with a Blog around March, about the same time I began working on mine. His is called www.Trainorphans.org.

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