November 26, 2004

I've Seen A Bunch Of New Singers Lately

Thanks to almost 12 hours of the San Diego Indie Music Fest, two nights of the GoGirlsMusicFest, the Make A Difference Day concert, a show at Schroeder's Club and Cabaret and a Carol Ames-hosted show Tuesday night at Humphrey's, I've recently seen for the first time quite a few singers and bands who have their CDs for sale on

I'm going to put pictures below of the CDs I know about from all the artists who appeared during the shows I just mentioned, including people I already knew. Please understand that I didn't catch all the performances at every event, and while I enjoyed most of the artists I did see, I didn't like all of them. I'm listing all the artists, though, because different people have different tastes. You might love someone I didn't like, or hate someone I love!

The important thing is that all of these CDs were recorded by independent artists who are passionately pursuing their dreams and deserve a chance to be heard! Click on the pictures of the CDs to learn more about them and to listen to samples of their songs, then buy the ones you like best! Help support indie music!

[NOTE: You also can see a page listing CDs of people I already knew about at:]

Adrianne ADRIANNE: 10,000 Stones ADRIANNE: For Adeline

Alicia Champion ALICIA CHAMPION: Annamosity ALICIA CHAMPION: Cold Wars ALICIA CHAMPION: Stories of My Soul

Bridget Brigitte BRIDGET BRIGITTE: Where Birds Meet in the Rain

Carol Ames CAROL AMES: Shades Of Indigo CAROL AMES: Shakedown

Corday CORDAY: Kick Ash! CORDAY: Driven CORDAY: Welcome To My Past

Danielle LoPresti DANIELLE LO PRESTI AND THE MASSES: 22 Mountains DANIELLE LOPRESTI: Dear Mr. Penis head

David Boyles DAVID BOYLES: Bedroom Demos - Deadline Friday DEADLINE FRIDAY: Wear Yourself Worn

Erika Luckett ERIKA LUCKETT: New Orleans Sessions ERIKA LUCKETT: My Little Crime ERIKA LUCKETT: Tinted Glass

Eve Selis EVE SELIS: Do You Know Me EVE SELIS: Long Road Home EVE SELIS: Out on a Wire

Jennifer Matthews JENNIFER MATTHEWS: Best of 96-01 JENNIFER MATTHEWS: Blue In, Blue Out

Joanie Mendenhall JOANIE MENDENHALL: Secretary Waltz - Julie Wolf JULIE WOLF: Walk the Worn Out Floor

Karen Giorgio KAREN GIORGIO: Expressions - Kevin Wood KEVIN WOOD: Haven't Had Enough

Kyler KYLER: A Flower Grows In Stone KYLER: If the World Would Just End KYLER: How Many Angels?

Lisa Sanders LISA SANDERS: Hold On Tightly LISA SANDERS: Lisa Sanders Live LISA SANDERS: Life Takes You Flying LISA SANDERS: Isn't Life Fine

Mary Dolan MARY DOLAN: Grow

Matt Curreri MATT CURRERI: How to Play the Songs of Matt Curreri MATT CURRERI: I'm No Army

Matthew Stewart MATTHEW STEWART: No Stone Unturned - May Pole MAY POLE: With Love Or Squalor

Melissa Worthington MELISSA WORTHINGTON: If Only - Michael Tiernan MICHAEL TIERNAN: Still Listening

Mnemonic MNEMONIC: Device - Patti Zlaket PATTI ZLAKET: Bliss

Saucy Monky SAUCY MONKY: Turbulence SAUCY MONKY: Celebrity Trash

Tamaras TAMARAS: Ordinary Supergirl - 3Sum 3SUM: Perverted Pictures

The Underground Railroad THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD: The Underground Railroad 1

Victoria Robertson VICTORIA ROBERTSON: On My Mind Home Page and Search Page

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