November 1, 2004

Our Top 30 Hit-Getters At

I just figured out how to copy the table from our Control Panel that lists the 30 CDs that have received the most hits from to Check it out! There have been 1,533 total hits since we partnered with them on May 13th, but so far we've only sold 3 CDs!

1 ROB MEHL: just give me the keys117
2 TODD SCHROEDER: searching111
3 QUINCY: also known as mary74
4 THE TAYLOR HARVEY BAND: a place to call my own70
5 PATTI ZLAKET: bliss58
^ RANDI DRISCOLL: what matters58
7 34BELOW: live at dublin square54
8 EVE SELIS: do you know me43
10 VARIOUS SAN DIEGO ARTISTS: life after debt (the save mikey's project)35
11 BRIDGET BRIGITTE: where birds meet in the rain34
12 EVE SELIS: out on a wire33
13 HARRIET SCHOCK: live: from fairfax to pasadena32
14 BERKLEY HART: wreck 'n sow30
15 DAVE HOWARD: into the wind29
^ RANDI DRISCOLL: the play29
^ TAYLOR HARVEY: no loitering29
18 JOE RATHBURN: little suns27
^ MICHAEL WESTON KING: a decent man27
20 DAVE HOWARD: unbelievable unknown26
^ EVE SELIS: long road home26
^ GEOFF PEARLMAN: anything at all26
^ HARRIET SCHOCK: american romance26
^ JOE RATHBURN: rockwells and picassos26
25 GARY SEILER: living on dreams25
^ GRANT LANGSTON: chinese fire drill25
^ JEFFRYE GLENN TVERAAS: cheshire moon25
^ TIM P SCOTT: radio i25
29 BORDER RADIO: americana brand24
^ TIM P SCOTT: glossolalia24
1533 total hits
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