November 16, 2004

SD Indie Music Fest Was Tremendous!

Congratulations to Danielle LoPresti, Kelly Bowen and Alicia Champion on their tremendous first-ever San Diego Indie Music Fest which took place Sunday from noon until about 11:15 p.m. at The Abbey in Hillcrest!! I predicted it was going to be a great show and it was even better than I expected!

I feel bad for anyone who read about the event here and then didn't take my advice and get there, which would be most of you! The only reader I know who was there was my best friend Marisa Cullen, who arrived around 6 and stayed until 9. Towards the end of her stay, Marsi mentioned the great vibe of the place and everyone in it, to which I told her, "That's a Danielle thing. I've felt that kind of vibe at all three of her shows that I've attended!" Marsi loved The Abbey itself, and said she could see why people would get married there.

JaneThe Indie Music Fest featured performances by 26 bands or solo singers, many of whom I'd never heard of before. I liked most of the artists who were new to me, and I also enjoyed seeing several people I know, including Bridget Brigitte, Danielle LoPresti & The Masses, Alicia Champion, and especially Jane. I'd seen Jane only once before, when I shot this photo of her on the excellent first night of the recent GoGirlsMusicFest, but I plan to see her more in the future, as she has a marvelous voice! My favorite of all the new performers I saw on Sunday was a woman named Kyler.

Here's hoping the San Diego Indie Music Fest will become an annual event! Bravo Danielle, Kelly, Alicia and everyone else who helped make this one so great!

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