December 19, 2004

Happy Birthday Di'Zsa Wilde & Julie Ginze!

Di'Zsa Wilde and DMGHappy Birthday to Di'Zsa Wilde, one of my current friends, and Happy Birthday to Julie Ginze, a long-lost friend!

You can tell by the amount of hair I have (or don't have) in the two photos here that they were taken quite a few years apart. The upper one shows Di'Zsa and I at a performance in 2003 when she sang with a band called The Cubes. The lower picture of Julie and I is actually a single frame that I pulled out of an old 8mm movie that was shot in 1970 when she and I went to Disneyland with a bunch of our friends.

Di'Zsa and I met in 2000, when we both were involved with a new musical called "La Jolla DNA." She was there as a singer for The Heroes, a great local band who served as the play's house musicians, while I was Publicity Director for the show. Di'Zsa and I became instant old friends, based on quite a few similar beliefs and interests. In the years since then I've taken dozens of photos of her performing with The Heroes, as well as with two other bands, 80's and Gentlemen and The Cubes. We've also hung out together quite a few times away from the glitz and glamour of her professional life. She has a wonderful daughter named Brianna and a great dog named Tessa!

Julie Ginze and DMGJulie was one of a group of girls I met during my second year at Mesa College, 1968-69. They all were recent graduates of Clairemont High School who found it fun to flirt with and tease me, a very shy little Catholic school guy.

In fact, I was so bashful that by the time I hit 21, I still hadn't even kissed a girl. One night, though, Julie and I were walking on the beach at La Jolla Shores when I got up the nerve to say that there was something I wanted to tell her, but I didn't know how. Julie said, "Why don't you just write it in the sand?" then she walked away for a few moments while I used my index finger to write, "I've never kissed a girl!" Julie walked back and read what I wrote, then said, "That's not such a bad thing!" Then she stepped close and kissed me, opening a whole new wonderful world to me!

Julie and I never did become a couple, but we stayed friends and kept in touch until the early '80s. Last I heard she was married and living in the Far East somewhere. That was quite a few years ago, though, so there's no telling where she is now.

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