December 5, 2004

Happy Birthday Lee Dronick!

Lee Dronick and Beth BillsteinHappy Birthday to Lee Dronick, a multi-talented guy who I first crossed paths with in the early '90s at Apple II User Group meetings! When our beloved Apple II computers slowly became extinct, Lee and I both chose to remain loyal to Apple and each of us has owned a number of Macintosh computers since then.

At the time I met Lee, he had recently retired from the Navy after 20 years as a navigator, and was working for a local Apple II software company known as Beagle Brothers. That once-great firm was in its last days, though, and all of the employees either left or were dismissed until only one remained -- Lee, who will always be known to some as the last man at Beagle Brothers. I hope he turned out the lights when he too finally left!

Anyway, around the same time that Lee was losing his Internet e-mail access with the demise of the company and their BBS, I started my own BBS and Lee became one of our members. Pro-Harold was open from 1991-96 and Lee was one of the most frequent posters in our various message forums. He also attended quite a few of the dinners and parties we organized back then.

Every so often I talk Lee into getting involved with one of my current projects. Back in 1993 I got him to help out when a bunch of volunteers from San Diego NORML cleaned up the old West Coast Production Company building on Hancock Street, so that 91X DJs Makeda Dread and Damaja Le of Reggae Makossa could open their original WorldBeat Center there.

Seven years later, in 2000, I became Publicity Director for a new musical called "La Jolla DNA" and I recruited Lee to build the play's web site. He did a great job, and you still can see it at I created a lot of the content you will find there, and Becky Lau also added a few final pieces to the site Lee had begun. Lee also designed the "La Jolla DNA" program, and I shot the photo above of him working on it back then with the show's Production Manager, Beth Billstein.

While he was involved with "La Jolla DNA," Lee met some people from Coronado Playhouse, and they asked him to take over production of their web site. He's been doing a great job with that one for several years now, and you can check it out at

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