December 4, 2004

Happy Birthday Lori Peckham!

Lori Peckham in 1971Happy Birthday Lori Peckham! I haven't heard from Lori since the late '70s, but I had a huge crush on her at San Diego State back in 1971-72.

Lori and I both were in Francisca Rascon's Spanish 2 class in the spring of '71. One day she asked me if I was the same Dave Green who had written an article that was on the front page of the Daily Aztec. I confessed to being him and we started talking. Eventually I asked Lori out and she said yes. I actually was a sportswriter for the newspaper then, so I was able to pull a few strings and get us pressbox passes for a Padres game. On our second date I took Lori to see the Ice Capades, then afterwards we went skating ourselves at the old ice rink on Lake Murray Boulevard!

DMG & Lori PeckhamIn the fall of '71, the school had finished building Love Library, so they took down the wooden fences that surrounded the structure while it was under construction. Since people had used those fences to post all sorts of signs, someone decided to put up a number of kiosks around the school to replace them. Shortly after those went up, I visited campus one night with a can of green spray paint and a short ladder, and I wrote a message to Lori on a still-unmarked kiosk. The next day I asked Lori to meet me at a place where I knew she'd have to pass the sign to reach me. She did just that and seemed greatly pleased by it! These pictures of Lori and I at the kiosk were taken by Steve Karman, the Daily Aztec sports editor.

I graduated in '72 and Lori and I stayed in touch off and on for several years afterwards. The last time we actually saw each other was in December of 1977, when we got together one day for coffee. We lost contact soon after that and I don't know what became of her.

So Happy Birthday Lori, wherever you are! I hope you've had a wonderful life, filled with thousands of nice days! I still have great memories of knowing you way back when!

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