December 26, 2004

Happy Birthday Marci Shipp, From Davy!

Marci Shipp in 1970Happy Birthday to Marci Shipp, where ever you are! This picture of Marci is from an 8mm movie I shot in 1970 when she and I went to Disneyland with a bunch of our friends.

A week ago today I wrote about Julie Ginze and a group of girls I met during my second year at Mesa College, 1968-69. I said that they all were recent graduates of Clairemont High School who found it fun to flirt with and tease me, a very shy little Catholic school guy.

Marci also was one of those Clairemont girls and she was the first one who really got through to me. You see Marci was a hugger, while I, being a bashful guy, was kind of afraid of hugging. Marci hugged everyone who got anywhere near her, though, and one of those people was me.

At first, it made me uncomfortable, but gradually I grew to like it very much. I've always said that Marci was the person who taught me about affection. She was the first girl I ever really felt close to in my life, which is why she is the only person who ever got away with calling me Davy. Growing up I'd always hated it that my parents and their friends called me Davey. When Marci did it, though, it felt and even sounded different, which is why when I think of her saying Davy, I hear it with a different spelling.

Marci and I kept in touch for a number of years, but somewhere in the late '70s I lost contact with her. Last I knew, she was working in the corporate offices of Jack In The Box/Foodmaker. I've always missed her, and I've always wanted to thank her for the wonderful positive effect she had on my life.

Happy Birthday Marci! I hope you somehow learn about this message and discover how much you meant to me way back then, and even now! If you feel like chatting, I'm in the phone book!

P.S. -- If anyone other than Marci reads this and tries to call me Davy, I won't like it, so don't do it!

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