December 9, 2004

Happy Birthday To My Sister Diane!

David and Diane Green in 1954Happy Birthday to my one and only younger sister Diane!

The top picture was taken at Christmas time in 1954. Diane was a year old and I turned 6 that Christmas Eve. Soon after the photo was taken, the two of us and our mother moved by train from Norfolk, Virginia, to San Diego, California, while our father cruised his way here on a Navy ship. According to our mom, I spent a great deal of time on the trip chasing after Diane, who was learning to walk and run quite well! I apparently was well-prepared for a move to the Wild West, by the way, as I appear to be packing a pair of matching six-shooters to protect my little sis, or maybe to gun her down if she ran too fast for me to catch up with her!

Diane and David Green in 1958The lower picture was taken almost exactly four years later, at Christmas time in 1958. After we arrived in San Diego, we lived at the corner of Monroe and Iowa in Normal Heights from 1955 until we were forced to leave in 1965 so the state could remove our home to make way for the new 805 freeway they were building.

While on Monroe, Diane and I both went to St. Didacus elementary on 34th Street. I graduated and advanced to St. Augustine High School, but Diane only got through fifth grade before we had to move to Allied Gardens. She finished grade school at St. Therese, then spent a year at Lewis Junior High before going on to Patrick Henry High School, where she was part of one of their earliest graduating classes.

In the years since then, Diane has become an upstanding, responsible family person, in contrast to her permanent-bachelor older brother, who still heads out many late nights looking for rock and roll music! She and her husband Ernie "Pyro" Vallas have given our mother two beautiful granddaughters that she loves very much. They have a big house in nearby Lakeside, and Diane works these days in the office of the San Diego Community College District's police department.

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