December 23, 2004

Thanks Annie Lorkowski For A Nice Night!

Annie LorkowskiI'd like to thank my friend Dr. Anne Lorkowski for a very nice evening! Now a veterinarian up in Rancho Cugamonga, she's an OLP graduate who I met on the Internet over 10 years ago. Annie drove down today to spend Christmas with her family, and tonight she and I had dinner at Troy's Restaurant on Mission Gorge, where we ate some excellent Greek food. We hadn't seen each other since I threw a birthday/beach party for her and Chris Putnam in August of 1998, so we had lots of catching up to do while we ate.

We also had a wonderful conversation about one of my absolute favorite things, baseball! To my surprise, Annie really knows the game and kept up with me as well or better than any guy I've ever talked to about the sport! After dinner we even came back to my place and watched a great HBO documentary I had recorded the night before, "Reverse of the Curse of the Bambino." Annie and I made plans to catch some baseball games together next season, and I snapped this picture right before she left.

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