December 25, 2004

Thanks For A Wonderful Birthday Week!

Thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday week so wonderful this year!

I had already written about my party Tuesday at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge and my evening Thursday with Annie Lorkowski, then yesterday I talked about beginning my actual birthday with a very enjoyable phone conversation between me and my fellow Christmas Eve person Laura Quinn.

The rest of the day was pretty great too! In the afternoon my best friend Marisa Cullen called and we had a nice chat. She was sick Tuesday and missed my party, so it was good to hear her voice.

Nadine ButlerThen in the evening I had dinner and watched a movie with another very dear friend of mine, Nadine Butler. She gave me a huge 1.5 liter bottle of Heineken for my birthday, as well as a 2005 Entertainment book, filled with tons of great coupons! I took this picture of her with my presents. For our meal, Nadine made egg rolls, potatoes and peas for us, and I barbecued a pair of very delicious filet mignon steaks. After we ate, I offered her a choice of several videos I had brought along, and she picked "Made In Heaven," one of my very favorite films.

Nadine was tired from a busy week, so after the movie ended, I left and went off to pay a midnight visit to a friend of mine who is a magician. He's a bit paranoid and doesn't like to have his name mentioned in print, though, so I'll just call him Mr. Magic. We chatted over glasses of some Cask & Cream Caramel Temptation liqueur I brought, until I headed home around 2:30 a.m.

Thanks again, everyone! I bought lottery tickets yesterday with the numbers mentioned in my horoscope, so after I win and become filthy rich, I'm taking all of you to dinner! I already have plenty of Heineken for all of us!

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