December 27, 2004

Winston's Offers "Cuz Chicks Rock"

Carol Ames & bandWinston's in Ocean Beach will present a show called "Cuz Chicks Rock" at 9 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, December 28. Carol Ames is the headliner for the show, which also will feature Joanie Mendenhall, Saturns Day and Marcia Claire. There will be a $5 cover charge.

I've seen Carol Ames perform several times, and I took this picture of her and her band at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge in November. I had planned to attend a Christmas charity concert Carol headlined at that venue on December 16th, but that turned out to be my fourth day fighting a terrible cold I'm only just now getting over, so I had to miss the show. I heard it was excellent.

Joanie MendenhallJoanie Mendenhall is a singer/songwriter I first saw in October on the opening night of the GoGirlsMusicFest at Humphrey's. I shot this picture of Joanie when I caught her for the second time during another show at Humphrey's last month. I traded Joanie some photos of her that night for a copy of her new CD, Secretary Waltz, and I've played it quite a few times since then. I like her songs a lot.

I saw Saturns Day perform for the first time on the second night of the GoGirlsMusicFest in November, then I caught them again earlier this month at a Bridget's Music Monday showcase. I've enjoyed the band both times I've seen them. Their singer, Jaleh Eva, didn't make it the second night because she was sick, but they had added Shannon Bates, a saxophone player who wasn't with them at the GoGirlsMusicFest, and they did a great set.

Marcia Claire is a member of a trio called The Coyote Problem and I saw them play at an Indie By Design show in July. I thought the group was excellent, so I expect Marcia will be good solo too.

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