January 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Carlyn Ames!

Carlyn AmesHappy Birthday to Carlyn Ames, founder of the Golden [not over the] Hill Players! Carlyn produces and directs the group's shows, and often co-writes them and plays a leading role as well. She is a talented singer, dancer and actress!

I met Carlyn in January of 2003 through my old friend Lee Dronick. She called me and said that her senior theater company was about to perform a play called "Speak Easy" at San Diego City College's Saville Theatre, and that Lee had suggested me as someone who might be willing to videotape it. I said yes and shot that show as well as another one the company did in June of that year called "Take A Bow, Vaudeville's Back."

Featuring a core group of 10-15 actors from 55 to 85 years old, the Golden [not over the] Hill Players have been together for over two years. They take their shows to hospitals, senior residences, senior centers and veteran homes, while senior tour groups often come to see them when they perform in theaters.

I found this statement on the group's web site:

Our goal is to provide an avenue for older adults to feel needed and appreciated while discovering and developing natural talents and creativity. We want to replace the negative stereotypes of "senior citizens" and dwell on our abilities, not, as so often is the case, on our disabilities. Life doesn’t stop at 60! A whole new phase is just beginning!
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