January 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Dana Williams!

Dana Williams and DMGHappy Birthday to Dana Williams, one of my Internet idols!

Dana and I met at a meeting of the San Diego Macintosh User Group back in September of 1999. This picture of us was taken that same year on the day after Christmas, at Palomar Mountain Lodge. Dana was cabin-sitting on the mountain for a friend then, and she invited me and some other people to come up and join her, which I did on Christmas afternoon. The next day we all went to breakfast at the lodge, then followed that up with a visit to the world-famous Palomar Observatory.

The reason Dana is one of my Internet heroes is because she has built a huge web site called TotalEscape.com, which is devoted to California travel and actually makes quite a bit of money for her every month! I aspire to do the same thing with ShyCloud.com, but I have a long way to go before my site will be as big or as successful as Dana's! Her site has thousands of pages, while this one only has hundreds.

When I met Dana, she lived here in San Diego, but a year or two ago she bought a cabin in the mountains somewhere north of Los Angeles and moved up there. I could have been there right now if I had accepted Dana's invitation to come up for her birthday party this weekend, but I had promised to help someone move tomorrow, so I sent my regrets. Ironically, the move took place last weekend, so I could have wished Dana a Happy Birthday in person today instead of through this message. Bummer. :(

I imagine Dana will have a great birthday without me, but I do wish I was there with her, as she definitely knows how to have fun! Maybe next year!

If you want to see what I'm missing, click here to check out some pictures Dana took after it snowed up there earlier this month.

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