January 4, 2005

Happy Birthday Melissa Ramos!

DMG & Melissa RamosHappy Birthday to Melissa Ramos, who was one of my journalism students in 1981-82! During her year on The Oracle staff, she was the paper's managing editor. After Melissa graduated, she kept in touch and we became friends.

In 1984 I lost someone I thought was the love of my life. A lot of my friends looked out for me then and did what they could to try to help me get over my broken heart. Melissa was there for me more than anyone during that time, and truly shared her passion for life with me, which kept me from losing interest in the world. This photo of us was taken in October of 1984.

Melissa and I fell out of touch in the late '90s, so I don't know where she is these days or what she's doing. In 2002 someone named Melissa signed ShyCloud.com's old guestbook in a way that sounded like it was this Melissa, but she didn't include an e-mail address, so I couldn't find out for certain if it was her.

Where ever Melissa is now, I hope she's doing well! I also hope she knows that I give her much of the credit for bringing me back to life in the fall and winter of 1984!

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