January 26, 2005

Patti Zlaket's New CD "Tunes" Is Out

PATTI ZLAKET: TunesMy very talented singer/songwriter friend Patti Zlaket has a new CD out named "Tunes," and while I haven't heard it yet, I have reason to believe it's great! You see, last year Patti gave me a CD called "Stripped 2" that includes demo versions of most of the songs that now appear on "Tunes." I've listened to that demo CD many times, and I love it, so I suspect I also will love "Tunes." I think you will too!

PATTI ZLAKET: BlissYou can click on the picture of "Tunes" to hear samples from its songs, or even to buy the CD. You also can click on the picture of Patti's previous CD, "Bliss," to hear samples from it.

And be sure to mark your calendar for Friday, March 4th, when Patti will have a CD release party from 6-8 p.m. at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge on Shelter Island. She'll have her full band along, so if you go you can expect a rocking good time! I definitely plan to be there!

By the way, the excellent local songwriter Gary Hyde had a hand in creating a number of the songs on "Tunes." Gary wrote several of the best songs (in my humble opinion) that appeared on the old KGB "Homegrown" albums back in the 1970s, including my all-time favorite, "The Last One In La Jolla." He later co-wrote the music for a play I did publicity for in 2000, "La Jolla DNA."

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