February 12, 2005

"Acoustic Alliance 4" Is Tuesday Night

I had a fun time at the "Listen Local - Volume One" CD Release Party Thursday night at Coaster Saloon, which was organized by Cathryn Beeks, and I'm also looking forward to a great event on Tuesday, February 15, when I go to see another show produced by Cathryn, "Acoustic Alliance 4" at Brick by Brick in Bay Park!

As I understand it, the "Acoustic Alliance" showcases each feature three groups of four songwriters, who take turns telling the stories behind their songs, then singing them. That's 12 singers and 36 songs, which sounds great to me! There won't be a cover charge for the show, but donations will be accepted.

Tuesday's performances will begin at 7:00 p.m. with Lauren DeRose, Kim DiVincenzo, Jim Diez and Hugh Gaskins. They will be followed at 8:15 by Ron Franklin, Chuck Schiele, Angela Patua and Carol Ames. The final foursome at 9:30 will include Jenn Grinels, Jon Kanis, Carlos Olmeda and Dave Humphries.

Jenn GrinelsI'm really looking forward to seeing Jenn Grinels again. I met her in January when I went to Java Joe's Pub to catch three other singers. Jenn turned out to be a bonus singer who wasn't actually on the schedule that evening, but was invited to do a few songs. I shot this photo during her performance, which I enjoyed a lot. Jenn has a very powerful voice and she writes interesting songs. Since then I've seen Jenn do two spots on local morning news shows, and I also heard her co-host on Joan Rubin's "Locals Live" radio program.

Jim DiezJim Diez is a member of Deadline Friday, a band I saw for the first time in November as the closing act for a Carol Ames showcase at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge. By the time they took the stage that night I was feeling tired and ready to go home, but the band was so good I ended up staying until they finished their set! I saw them again at Thursday's show, when I gave Jim some pictures I shot of the band in November, including this one of him.

I've seen Carol Ames perform on a number of occasions, and I always enjoy her shows! I've also seen Lauren DeRose play twice. Chuck Schiele is someone I had heard quite a bit about, but I'd never seen him play until I caught him Thursday with his group 21 Grams. Everyone else on the bill will be new to me.

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