February 9, 2005

Gary Seiler Sets Regular Thursday Gig

Gary SeilerMy friend Gary Seiler has returned to music full time this year, and he's booked his first regular gig for Thursday nights at the Sky Lobby Lounge on the 12th floor of the Sheraton Suites at Symphony Towers! I don't believe I've ever seen a musician perform that far above ground level before, at least not one who wasn't using artificial stimulants! ;>

In 1997 I shot, edited and produced a video that I called "It's Been A Lovely Cruise!" It was subtitled "Gary Seiler's Farewell Tour '97" and it featured a show Gary and his band Buffed Out did at the Barefoot Bar on April 11, 1997. At that time, Gary was leaving full-time show business to go to work at a "real job."

Gary kept playing occasional gigs after that, though, including one last July at Tower Two Beach Cafe in Ocean Beach, where I took this photo of him. As of January 1, 2005, however, Gary had checked out of the job and he's returned to playing music as a full-time career. Besides the Thursday shows, he's also back in a studio working on his second CD!

Here's an e-mail from Gary:

I will be playing from 5-8 p.m. this Thursday at the 12th Floor Sky Lobby Lounge in the Sheraton Suites at Symphony Towers in Downtown San Diego, and most every Thursday after that. This is my first steady gig I've booked as I re-enter the music business full time. It's an early show, so for those of you who have to be up early Friday mornings this is perfect for you. Come on down to have some fun and unwind before you head home for the night.

There is parking in the building. Enter on 7th Street. Ace Parking has given us a preferred price of $7 for three hours. You will need to ask a Hotel Associate for the special parking sticker or just ask me and I'll help solve it with you. There are also many metered parking spaces around the building and I believe those meters stop charging at 6 p.m.

Enter either the Sheraton on A Street or Symphony Towers on B Street and take the elevator to the 12th floor. Follow the sound of the music and fun. A full service restaurant and bar are there for your needs.

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