February 8, 2005

Happy Birthday Laura Dion!

Laura Howe & DMGHappy Birthday to Laura (Howe) Dion, who was one of my journalism students for two school years from 1982-84! This picture of us together was taken in August of 1984, two months after she graduated from Our Lady of Peace.

Laura and I stayed in touch for a couple of years, then life took us off in different directions and we lost contact. Late in 2002, however, my best friend Marisa Cullen called and told me that one of her co-workers was standing by her desk and had noticed my name on an e-mail on Marsi's computer. She asked how Marsi knew David Matt Green. Marsi told her our story, then asked why she wanted to know. The woman, Laura Dion, told Marsi that I was her high school journalism teacher, and that her name had been Laurie Howe! I imagine one of them probably said "Small world!" right about then, but I don't know that for sure!

Anyway, I had heard Marsi talk about Laura Dion for several years at that point, because Laura once ran their company's Seattle office, and she had offered Marsi the job of office manager up there, which she accepted. Marsi eventually changed her mind, however, and decided to stay here in San Diego, but for a time I wasn't real fond of this Laura Dion person who I thought was taking away my best friend!

It was therefore a tremendous surprise when I learned that Laura Dion had once been one of my finest journalism students! She was an excellent writer, and I thought she was a very good leader too. In fact, I made Laura editor in chief of a magazine we did during her junior year, and she started her senior year in the same position. When the magazine didn't work out, I switched Laura to editor in chief of The Oracle, a job she would have held all year if I had known the magazine wasn't going to happen!

These days Laura is a regional vice president for one of the largest fire protection engineering firms in the world, and I understand she is a well-respected expert in that field! My friend Marsi, by the way, is now her assistant! Small world indeed!

I still haven't seen Laura for 18 or 19 years, but we do e-mail occasionally. I'm proud to have been one of the first people to have put her in a leadership position, and pleased that she has done so well in her chosen field! On the other hand, if she had gone into journalism, I bet today she'd be editor in chief of a newspaper or magazine!

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