February 4, 2005

Happy Birthday Simon Mayeski!

Simon Mayeski & Nadine ButlerHappy Birthday to Simon Mayeski, a friend of mine back at St. Augustine High School who was two years behind me there. A fellow sports enthusiast with writing talent, Simon followed in my footsteps as a manager and statistician for some of the school's sports teams, and also as a reporter for The Augustinian newspaper. Simon took things several notches beyond what I did, though, by becoming both editor in chief of the paper and sports editor for the Saintsman yearbook during his senior year!

After graduating from Saints in 1969, Simon left San Diego to attend the University of San Francisco. He continued to live up in that area until about five years ago, when he moved back to San Diego and we started hanging out together again. That's Simon on the left and my dear friend Nadine Butler on the right in this photo I took at a Padres-Giants game at Qualcomm Stadium in June 2001. Behind them are four members of Nadine's East Coast Transplants club. I wish I could remember what had just happened when I snapped the picture, but alas I can't. I do remember that everyone except Simon and I left the Q around the 8th inning, while he and I ended up staying quite a while longer, finally seeing the Padres beat the Giants in 15 innings!

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