February 6, 2005

Taylor Harvey Band Has New Web Site

Taylor Harvey BandI received an e-mail yesterday from Taylor Harvey announcing a new web site for his Taylor Harvey Band. The web site was created by Angela Hanenkrat, and it features a new logo for the band that was designed by Randy Crawford, who sometimes plays harmonica with the group and also has done the graphic design for both of Taylor's CDs. I shot this picture of the band late in 2003.

Here's that e-mail from Taylor:

Hey! I am very happy to let ya'll know that the problem of an out-of-date web site has been solved! Thanks to the efforts of a crack team of sociopaths, alcoholics and various computer geeks (also known as THB gal Friday Angela) we have a brand new web site with lots of info about the band, including most importantly a full, current schedule of gigs for both Taylor solo and the band! Please check it out at www.TaylorHarveyBand.com. It's still under construction, but there is a really good start there with plenty of stuff you just have to know.
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