June 17, 2005

Actors Alliance Festival Has Begun

If you love theatre, I strongly suggest that you check out the 15th Annual Actors Alliance Festival of Short Plays that opened Wednesday night at the Lyceum Theatre in Horton Plaza.

There are six different programs of 4-5 short plays that will each be presented twice between now and the 25th. Each program also features a couple of entries in the festival's One Page Plays contest. On the 26th a Best of Fest program will present 3-5 plays that audiences have voted as their favorites.

I have been there on both of the first two nights, photographing all the shows for Actors Alliance at the request of their Communications Director, Erin Cronican. I've enjoyed all of the shows I've seen so far, so I thought I'd let all of you know while there is still time to catch some performances yourself.

To learn more about the festival, check their web site at: www.actorsalliance.com/festival.html

You will be able to find reviews of all the individual programs on SanDiego.com's web site, as they will be there each night. Read the first two reviews at: www.sandiego.com/critichome.jsp

If you do attend a performance, look for me in the back row with my camera on a tripod. If you see me, please say hello. I won't be there every night, but I'll be there for quite a few of them.

David :>

P.S. -- While I haven't seen it yet, I'd also like to give a plug to "The Lost Players' Rapunzel," which also is playing at the Lyceum until June 26. I did get to talk with Doug Sheehan, the play's author and star, after both shows ended on Wednesday night. Doug and I went to 7th and 8th grade together at St. Didacus Elementary School in Normal Heights way back in 1961-63, and we hadn't spoken since we bumped into each other at SDSU around 1972! My friend Leigh Scarritt also is in the show, and I've seen her both nights as I was arriving at the theater.

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