June 4, 2005

I Have 58 MySpace.com Friends!

After less than three weeks on MySpace.com, I already have connected with 58 people I know! Most of them are folks I have met in the San Diego music scene, because music types have found MySpace a great way to network, both with each other and with their fans! MySpace offers special pages for musicians, who can place samples of their songs there, as well as display notices about their upcoming performances. They also can send bulletins about their current endeavors to all of their MySpace friends.

If you visit my profile on MySpace, which is located at www.myspace.com/shycloud, you can see pictures of all 58 of my friends. You will find the first eight photos on that page, then you can see all 58 by clicking on "View All of Shy Cloud's Friends" beneath that octet of photos. You can't get to that feature unless you're willing to register, but the service is FREE, so sign up and you can become my 59th friend!

Once registered, you also will be able to click on the pictures of each of my friends to go to their MySpace pages and see who their friends are. The whole thing is a "Six Degrees of Separation" kind of place, so sooner or later you will find Kevin Bacon amongst someone's friends! I've spotted quite a few famous people, by the way, and I think some of them are real and some of them are fake, so don't believe everything you see on MySpace until you know what is real and what isn't! Good advice for many aspects of Internet travel, by the way!

Here are the screen names of my first 58 friends on MySpace: Becky, Troy, shardaui, Shannon, riboflavin', Simeon, Gregory Page, Mary@MusicMattersMagazine, Steph Johnson Band, BanjerDan, Jenn Grinels, Geoff Pearlman, Tim, joaniemen, Saba, Greg Laswell, Christian, Lonny Brooks, Abigails Attic, Tubby, Lestat's West Lou, Ronny North, chris, *That's Hot!*, Jane, Annie Bethancourt, Steven, 34Below, Jen, Matt Curreri, Kim DiVincenzo, Berkley Hart, Matt, Jim, Deadline Friday, story of blue, Julie Mack, Adina Robins, Simeon Flick, Kellee, Michael Tiernan, Grant Langston, Kyler England, Victoria Robertson, Eve Selis, METRO, Annie, Rob Johnston, BJ, World Beat Center, Mary Dolan, Carol, Danielle LoPresti & The Masses, Alicia Champion, San Diego Indie Music Fest, m, Marcia, and Dan.

If you already are on MySpace too, but I haven't found you yet, please send me an Add message there so we can connect!

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